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Where we can celebrate together...
Annie's Holiday Pages are written from a Christian Perspective!

"They will celebrate your abundant goodness
and joyfully sing of your righteousness."
~Psalm 145:7~

"This is the day which the LORD hath made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it."
~Psalms 118:24~

Lots of Links to Enjoy......
This page offers links to other sites that offer: FUN & FREE Holiday STUFF!
Items are listed by "TOPIC". So enjoy yourself and have FUN!!!!

Annie's "Fun Online Adoptions" Page - lists all my pages with different things
that I have adopted!
Annie's "Fun Online Adoptions Links" Page - has links to sites that offer them
Annie's "Fourth of July Adoptions" Page - has some 4th things I adopted
Annie's Canada Day Page - adopted the CUTEST new Canada Day Bear!
Annie's "Spring Adoptions" Page - has a cute bunny and links
Annie's "Father's Day Adoptions" Page
Annie's "Summer Adoptions" Page

Bookmarks from Grandma George
Sheryl's Originals Bookmarks - 7 different designs

Sheryl's Originals Calendars & Strawberryfields to print and use!
Graphic Garden - I use and print her calendars!!!
Mandy's Country Graphics

Candy Wrappers & Canning Labels:
Candy Wrappers & Canning Labels from Grandma George

Christian Online Activities & Games:
Fun-N-Games from House2House Ministries
Jake's Online Games Page
My son Jake has a Monthly Puzzle Page. Stop by:
Jake's Monthly Puzzle Page

Christian & Special Coloring Pages:
Neighborhood Bible Time - They have Joseph & Noah pages to color
Kids Battling Cancer Coloring Pages from
Mary's Little Lamb

Christian Wallpaper: offers many great choices
Wendy's Backgrounds has
Watermark Backgrounds you can use for Wallpaper
Desktop Wallpaper from In His Image
Wallpaper for Christ
For Christian Graphics Links visit:
Annie's Christian & Jewish Graphics Page

Coloring Pages:
Coloring Pages from Mary's Little Lamb Graphics. She offers "cancer bears to
our kids who are battling cancer".
Dinosaur and Vegetable Coloring Pages from
Forest Animal Coloring Pages & Arctic Refuge Coloring Book from
Graphic Garden has lots of coloring pages.
MHC Free Coloring Pages from Melanie's Homespun Collection
Sheryl's Originals Coloring Pages - all major holidays are covered
Cute Colors has great coloring pages!

Cursor Images & Digit Counters:
Comet Cursors - has them for your site or your computer
Graphic Garden - has great counter graphics!
Country Manor Graphics
FREE to use Mouse Trails & Mouse Over JavaScript from Billy Bear
Java Script Source & Melanie's Homespun Collection
For Instructions on how to add the trailing cursors & counter digits visit:
Annie's "How to Add Trailing Cursors" Page
Annie's "How to Add Counter Digits" Page

Desktop Themes & Wallpaper:
Desktop Themes & Desktop Wallpaper from Country Lane Graphics &
Wallpaper Instructions too
Sheryl's Originals Desktop Wallpaper - has lots to choose from
You can use backgrounds for Wallpaper at
Country Patch Collections
Graphic Garden has Great Desktop Wallpaper
Gina's - PSP tutorials and more
Kerry's Kollectables has Monthly Desktop Wallpaper
and other cute wallpaper for you to check out!
Wallpaper from Oodles of Doodles
Annie's "Adding Wallpaper & Graphics to your Desktop" Page - lists all

Drawing Lessons:
Learn to Draw for Kids - Penguins, Bears, Frogs and More! from Billy Bear

Fonts & Free Stuff:
FREE Fonts for Kids from Billy Bear
Seasonal Freebies from The Free Site
Country Lane Graphics offers Fonts
More are listed on my:
Annie's Computer Hints Page

Fun & Games Online:
Build a Snowman from Country Graphics by Camille
Decorate a Christmas Tree from Country Graphics by Camille
Build a Jack-O-Lantern from Country Graphics by Camille
Fun & Games from Billy Bear for all the different major holidays
Fun-N-Games from House2House Ministries
Pam's Graphics
Jake's Online Games Page & Annie's Father's Day Kids Page
Jake's "Father's Day Puzzle" Page

Gift Certicates:
Valentine Gift Certificates from Grandma George
Mother's Day Certificate Links on my
Annie's Mother's Day Kids Page

Gift Tags:
Clip Art Gallery - many different holidays tags offered
Sheryl's Originals Gift Tags & Mandy's Country Graphics
Christmas Gift Tags from Grandma George

Guest Book Cards (also called Calling Cards):
Calling Card Ring
More listed on my
Annie's More Graphics Links Page by each site link

Animated Icons from Billy Bear for all the different holidays and more

Kids Coupons:
Kid's Coupons from Melanie's Homespun Collection
MUST SEE Mixed Holiday Pages:
Billy Bear Holiday Page & Viki Mouse

Labels & Magnets:
Christmas Labels & Magnets from Grandma George

Notepads & Notecards:
Notepads by Grandma George
FREE Backgrounds & Stationery from Billy Bear

Outlook Express Email Stationery & Sig Tags:
Outlook Express Stationary
Inger's E-mail Corner
CountryAngelsGraphics - they offer all kinds of OE stationery and sig tags
Outlook Stationery from Miss Daisy's Web Links Page
I Love Stationery Webring
My Treasured Collection has stationery & sig tags
Tanjuschka's Place
See also
Annie's Tips for Outlook Express Page
Annie's "More Tips for Outlook Express" Page - learn how to block unwanted
Annie's "Sig Tag" Page - learn how to add a sig tag to your email

Placecards & Puzzles:
Christmas Placecards & Puzzles from Grandma George

Quilt Pages:
Annie's "Christmas Quilt" Page - has my Friendship, Holiday and main
page Quilt Squares too!
Annie's "Christmas Quilt Pieces" Page
Annie's Valentine's Day Quilt Page
Annie's "Valentine Quilt Pieces" Page
Annie's "St Patrick's Day Quilt" Page
Annie's "St Patrick's Day Quilt Pieces & Buttons" Page
Annie's Easter Quilt Page
Annie's "Easter Quilt Pieces" Page

Recipe Cards:
Sheryl's Originals Recipe Cards - lots to choose from
Recipe Cards by Grandma George
Country Angels Graphics & Country Lane Graphics Recipe Cards

Screen Saver's
Sheryl's Originals Desktop Wallpaper
Victorian Screen Savers from Billy Bear
Cooter's Country - lots of different screensavers

Seed Packets & Shopping Lists:
Seed Packets & Shopping List from Grandma George
Sheryl's Originals Shopping Lists - She has 3 to choose from
Graphic Garden has Shopping Lists now too!!
Country Angels Graphics has Shopping Lists

Stationery by Grandma George
Graphics Garden has lots of stationery
Stationery from Melanie's Homespun Collection
Sheryl's Originals Stationery
FREE Backgrounds & Stationery & Victorian Email Stationery from Billy Bear
Stationery from Country Lane Graphics
Stationery from Country Colors -- lots to choose from
Heartland Creek Graphics - Stationery & Download Paula's Stationery
Gina's - PSP tutorials and more
Annie's "June Fun & Free Stuff" Page
Annie's "July Fun & Free Stuff" Page

Thank You Cards:
Fall Thank You Cards from Family Education to print
Printable Thank You Cards

Word Search
Word Search Index by Grandma George
Stop by
Jake's Monthly Puzzle Page and then print out
For Jake's Christmas Puzzles & Pages visit:
Jake's Index Page

Other Related Pages by Annie:
Annie's "Fun Online Adoption Links" Page
Annie's Graphics Page has a list of all my graphics links pages
Annie's List of Holiday Pages has a listing of all my holiday related pages
Annie's "Adding Wallpaper & Graphics to your Desktop" Page
Annie's "August Fun & Free Stuff" Page

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