Annie's "How to Add Trailing Cursors" Page

This is a page that gives tips for HTML using Front Page Express which is the program
that Annie uses. It is available free with Internet Explorer 4.0 & 5.0

How to Add Trailing Cursors to your Web Pages:

PLEASE NOTE: I have been told that some visitors can't use pages
with the trailing cursors. I know that you can use them if you use
Internet Explorer as your browser. So what I have done is make
duplicate pages for some pages. For example: my graphics links page
doesn't have trailing cursor and but this duplicate page does
And I added the Pencil Trailing Cursor that I had on my Back to
School Page. Please remember that not everyone can click on links
if you use the trailing cursors on your pages!!

How do I add the "trailing cursors" you have on some of your pages?


Find the cursors that you want to use!!!
I have lots of sites that offer them listed here:
Annie's "Holiday Fun & Free Stuff" Page

1: Copy this:


Cross browser cursor trailer script
By Brian Caputo (
Permission given to
to feature the script in it's DHTML archive
For 100's more DHTML scripts and components,

T1=new Array("pumpkin6ccs.gif",10,6,"pumpkin5ccs.gif",28,17,"pumpkin4ccs.gif",20,18,
for (i=0;i<nos;i++){
createContainer("CUR"+i,i*10,i*10,i*3+1,i*3+2,"","<img src='"+T1[i*3]+"' width="+T1[(i*3+1)]+" height="+T1[(i*3+2)]+" border=0>")}
function createContainer(N,Xp,Yp,W,H,At,HT,Op,St){
with (document){
write((!B) ? "<layer id='"+N+"' left="+Xp+" top="+Yp+" width="+W+" height="+H : "<div id='"+N+"'"+" style='position:absolute;left:"+Xp+"; top:"+Yp+"; width:"+W+"; height:"+H+"; ");
if (C)
write(" style='");
write(St+";' ")
else write((B)?"'":"");
write((At)? At+">" : ">");
write((HT) ? HT : "");
if (!Op)
function closeContainer(){
function getXpos(N){
return (B) ? parseInt(B[N].style.left) : C[N].left
function getYpos(N){
return (B) ? parseInt(B[N] : C[N].top

function moveContainer(N,DX,DY){
c=(B) ? B[N].style :C[N];c.left=DX;
function cycle(){
//if (IE5)
if (document.all&&window.print){
for (i=0;i<(nos-1);i++){
function newPos(e){

2: Choose "Insert"
3: Then choose "HTML Markup"
4: Paste the above info
5: You will need to change the
"image name" and "size" in the above information. If you don't get the size from where you get the images then you can always right click on the image & choose properties. You can then find the size for the image there.

NOW make sure you upload the images that you chose for your cursors to your own server (where your pages are).

REMEMBER never to direct link to graphics on other peoples pages!!!

NOTE: Make sure you make a "test" page and then try it before you add it to your page/site.

ALWAYS add a link for the place you got the cursor graphics and also Dynamic Drive for the script.

For Example: Fall Cursor Images from "site you got the images from" &
code is from
Dynamic Drive.

That should be all you need to add the Trailing Cursors to your site.

To see how it looks on my site CLICK HERE
I added a cute BEE trailing cursor to
Annie's BEE an Internet Missionary Page

PLEASE NOTE: This page is for adding cursors to your web page not your computer. The only site I know that you can add cursors to your computer is You can see a cute little gingerbread cursor on this page of mine: Annie's Gingerbread Welcome Page with Comet Cursor. Some times if you see a cursor you like you can right click and choose "add cursor". But I have the "no right click" on that page so you can't do that.

Looking for more cursor image sources?
Another place that I have lots of different cursor sources is:
Annie's Holiday Fun & Free Stuff Page
And all my graphics links pages are listed on:
Annie's List of Great Graphics Spots


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