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This is a page that gives tips for the programs that Annie uses.
They are available free with Internet Explorer 4.0 & 5.0

Well alot of you have been asking about how to add a
SIGNATURE TO YOUR EMAIL. So I will try to walk you throught it. Now keep in mind that it all depends on what kind of browser and mail program you are using. I am using Internet Explorer 5.0 (absolutely love it) and Outlook Express for mail.

1: Go into your mail program. (at the inbox)
2: At the top choose.....TOOLS then OPTIONS
3: Make sure the tab at the top says COMPOSE
4: In the compose font box.... choose "mail" the Font Settings.....Here you can choose and change the Font type, Font size, Font style (Bold...etc) and Color. Once you have made your OK......Then make sure you push APPLY. Then click ok and your are done.

1: Go back above and start at #1
2: You will be in the same spot BUT this time select SIGNATURE
3: Make sure you put a check in the box that says "Add this signature to all outgoing mail".
4: Make sure the "Text" has been selected. Then in the box provided you can type whatever you would like to have included in your email. Saves time and you don't have to repeat it every email. Note: when you type in your URL(home page address) it won't look like a link until you see it in the email.
5: Click OK.......then click APPLY.....and voila. Now you have your own personalized signature.

Hope this helps you. If you have any problems with it just let me know. Don't forget to send me an email and show me what you decided on.

Here is one my old signatures:
"Bless Your Heart".........Annie
Nehemiah  8:10  " for the joy of the Lord is your strength"
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To Add a folder for a "Mailing List" with OutLook Express

FIRST here is how to do a mailing list.
I have the little blurb on my main page to have people sign up.
   To have all the email that comes in with "mailing list" go to a special folder do this:

when you are in the mail program look at the top of the page
go to "message" then "create from rule"
In #1 choose "when subject link contains specific words"
#2 choose "move it to specified folder"
#3 click on "certain specific words" then type in "mailing list" then click add
then click on "mailing list" then click OK
BACK to #3 and click on the words "specified folder"
now click on "local folders" then click on "new folder" then type in "mailing list" then click ok then make sure the new folder is highlighted and then click OK
Then click on OK and it should be DONE

NOW mail yourself an email with "mailing list" as the subject and see where it goes.

MORE INFO on this go to my:
Annie's "How to Start Your own Mailing List" Page


Next step for the Mailing list:
OK To do this you : GO to "address book" then choose "new group" then type in "Annie's (s/b your name here)Web Friends" or whatever you like.
then click select members then click on the ones you want to have and move them to the right by clicking select then click OK
then click OK
NOW when you want to do a mailing Do the email address to: "Yourself" And in the BCC (blind carbon copy) put "Annie's (s/b your name here) Web Friends" and it will mail it to all of them. Try it and see if you can do it.
It is important to do a BCC because that way the addresses are all hidden and anonymous. Otherwise you would see all of the other peoples address and people like not having it show.
When someone emails you and asks to be added to your mailing list you send them a reply email and say you will send a copy of your last mailing. Then add them to your "mailing list" and then send a copy of the last one.
The mailing is just thoughts from me and updates and descriptions of the pages that have been added.
For the email signature go to this page and just follow the steps
on that page there is a link to IE 4.0.  Go to the update or add on section
and see what the page tells you.  It will look at what you have and tell you
what updates are available.  On the computer page you will also find a place
to get email tips from different computer hints places.
The simple guide page has lots of great references:  but I am sure you have been there
ftp programs once you get a handle on it are kind of like windows explorer.
Lots of times there are great help pages at the Graphics sites.


To add a background to your email:
Remember that not all people can receive color/fonts/&backgrounds. They have different email programs.
I have IE 4.0 so these are instructions for that:
BUT when you click reply to sender you can tell if they can receive it by whether or not the tool bar shows up to allow you to do the additions.

When I add a background to an email I:
Type "Dear Me" In the body section of the email
Now........look at the top of the email
see and choose "format"
then "background" then "picture"
click "browse" and find your folder with graphics you like
click on the one you like
then click "ok"

Now you have a background.

BONUS: you can see the tool bar about the middle of the page.
You can use different fonts and colors. Indent or center type.
Just experiment with it. Also if you highlight words and then right click you can use a custom color.

Adding a Background with Netscape:
Hello Annie!
Well, with Netscape all you have to do is after opening the composer to start your on Insert..then click on  Choose Image.  These will be any image you have collected on your hard drive from any graphic link.  Then check off the little box that says "Use as Background"  then click on ok..and walaa!!! 
I don't use Netscape. But my friend Patty J. shared this with me.

Learn how to add "sig-tags":
If you want to have your own sig tag, but you're not sure how to do the html code and set it up in Outlook Express then visit this site:
Looking for a signature graphic? Check out
Lorie's Graphics Sig-Tag Graphics Page

Annie's "Sig Tag" Page - learn how to add a sig tag
to your email


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