Annie's "How to Add Counter Digits" Page

This is a page that gives tips for HTML using Front Page Express which is the program
that Annie uses. It is available free with Internet Explorer 4.0 & 5.0

How to Add Counter Digits to your Web Pages:

How do I add the "counter digits" to my page?


Find the cursors that you want to use!!! Save them to your computer.

The code you need is from Erics Free Counter Service.

Go to Erics Free Counter Service

sign up for the free counter!

Then "login"

click and choose "custom digits"

then click on the link to "define custom digits"

just the name of the image is not enough. I have to put my page url in front of it and you will have to put your url first too

click submit

then close that window

now you are back at the page and now choose submit

NOTE: if you have an old counter and want the new one to continue on then enter the number in the space

copy the code they have on the new page

The Code is:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Paste your code on your page. Do this in Front Page Express by going to where you want the counters on your page then choose "insert" then "html mark up" then paste it

then click ok

remember to "save" your work on the page where you added the counter

now upload the page and it should work

make sure you have uploaded all the counter images too!!!

NOTE: Make sure you make a "test" page and then try it before you add it to your page/site.

ALWAYS add a link for the place you got the cursor graphics and also Eric's Free Counter Script for the script.

For Example: Counter Digits from
Graphic Garden and Counter Script from Eric's CGI Free Counter.

That should be all you need to add the Custom Counter Digits to your site.

NOTE: 9/20/01 - I got an email letting me know that the counter
sites seem to be down again. I don't have any alternatives for you right now. If I do I will add it here. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.


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