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Celebrated the third Sunday in June
June 17th, 2007~
June 15th, 2008~
June 21st, 2009~

"And, ye
fathers, provoke not
your children to wrath: but bring
them up in the nurture and
admonition of the Lord."
~Ephesians 6:4~

Father's Day, first celebrated on June 19, 1910, was originated by Sonora Louise Smart Dodd of Spokane.

Do you LOVE your Dad? Does your Dad love you? There are many different meanings for the word LOVE. You can love a car and love a person but you would love them in a different sense of the word.

The BEST kind of LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL love. And the Best kind of unconditional love comes from the Lord. His love is all knowing and faithful. We need not try to PROVE our love for Him because He knows all about us and yet still loves us.

If I asked you who the BEST Father in the world was, who would you say is the BEST? Your Dad? I hope he is. I would love to introduce you to the very BEST Father in the whole Universe. He loves you more then you can even imagine. He loves you from here to eternity!! He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He can be your Father too.

God loves you so much that He sent you His son Jesus.

Smile God Loves You!!!
Do you love Him?

If you have not asked Jesus into your heart then stop
right now and think about it. It is really easy to do! Click the blocks below to find out.

Click here to find out how to Become a Christian!!
Here are some other pages about how to become a Christian:
Read The
Wordless Book online.
Here is a Great Devotional page for Kids:
Keys for Kids!
What Should Christians Do Next?

If you are already a Christian then you need to be reading
Bible and praying every day.
FOUR BIG FACTS ABOUT You, God  and Being Saved!


"A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's
children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just."
Proverbs 13:22 ~

Annie's Link Disclaimer:
I am sure you have seen many disclaimers before. Here is mine: God's Word says to "Prove all things and hold fast that which is good" 1 Thes. 5:21 KJV. On the net as in life, we should be wise and have discernment when traveling. Just because a site says it is Christian doesn't mean it lines up with God's Word doctrinally. Finally, I believe the Lord directs our steps and paths.....yes even our net surfing. So pray for wisdom, use discretion,
and have fun on your adventure with the Lord.

Father's Day Recipe Links:
Father's Day Recipes & Homemade Crafts from All
Here are just a few of their great tips and recipes for you:
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Barbeque Recipe Collection
Gifts for the Weekend Warrior
Check out the secrets of
Mailing Cookies successfully!
Basic Pancakes for Dad for Father's Day from The Idea Box
Make sure you always ask a parent for permission to cook and for help if you need it!!! Safety First is the wise way to work in the kitchen.

Father's Day Crafts & Activities:
Here are some Ideas from The Idea Box:
Bookmark for Daddy & Father's Day Card
Dad's Night! & Dad's Day Message
Fun Apron & Father's Day Hug!
Dad's Day
Keepsake Handprints the Craft Store has a kidsclub with activities & crafts too!!!
Father's Day Gifts from
Father's Day Gift Baskets from your Kitchen at Fabulous Foods
Father's Day Search Puzzle
Father's Day Mazes -
Easy & Medium & Hardest
John's Word Search Puzzles
Fishing & Fish & Men in History Word Searches
Father's Word Search
Mother & Father's Day Crossword Puzzle & the deluxe Mother & Father's Day one
Father's Day Banner
Greatest Father & Grandfather Certificates to print
and give from HoneyBrook Graphics!

Father's Day Kids Sites:
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Father's Day Page from Alphabet Soup
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Father's Day Coloring Pages:
Father's Day Coloring Page from Jan Brett
Cute Colors has Coloring Cards for Father's Day under Free Cliparts

Christian Father's Day Kids Pages:
Father's Day Tribute Page from The Perkin's Family
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Jake's "Father's Day Puzzle" Page
Celebrating Father's Day with MSSS Bible Lessons

Things to Share with your Dad:
Take a Fitness Quiz & check your Ideal Body Weight from Green Giant

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