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How to Add a Signature to your Email

Answers from Annie:

I will try to walk you through it. Now keep in mind that it all depends on what kind of browser and mail program you are using. I am using Internet Explorer 5.0 and Outlook Express for email. Here is the page for Internet Explorer.

1: Go into your mail program. (at the inbox)
2: At the top choose.....TOOLS then OPTIONS
3: Make sure the tab at the top says COMPOSE
4: In the compose font box.... choose "mail" the Font Settings...Here you can choose and change the Font type, Font size, Font style (Bold...etc) and Color. Once you have made your OK......Then make sure you push APPLY. Then click ok and your are done.

1: Go back above and start at #1
2: You will be in the same spot BUT this time select SIGNATURE
3: Make sure you put a check in the box that says "Add this signature to all outgoing mail".
4: Make sure the "Text" has been selected. Then in the box provided you can type whatever you would like to have included in your email. Saves time and you don't have to repeat it every email. Note: when you type in your URL(home page address) it won't look like a link until you see it in the email.
5: Click OK.......then click APPLY.....and voila. Now you have your own personalized signature.

Here is my signature:

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Pointers from Pattie:

Pattie "use to use" Netscape. She does her HTML by typing in code. But most importantly Pattie is a Christian and a wonderful internet friend who is encouraging and has a servants heart. Here are her instructions on adding a signature to your email.

OK - pretty simple for a signature - I use notepad -

-Make a simple signature with my name - site name - url - anything else I choose to include (scripture, saying, graphic etc.)

Save it as my signature file

I set it up to print when I send mail by:

Clicking on Options
Click on Mail and News Preferences - will display a 'folder' window
Click the Identity tab
Click on browse next to the Signature box

Find the file where the signature is saved
click on it - it will display in the box
click on OK

-- That's it! :)
As far as changing color and type of font - "no can do" with Netscape :(

Tips From Crimperman:

BTW here is the way to set a signature in Internet Mail (as comes with IE3.x)

1. From the Mail menu choose Options
2. Click on the Signature tab
3a. Click on Text and type your signature into the box provided
3b. Click on File and choose a previously prepared text file (as described
by Pattie).

Other useful tips not known by many newbies (an internet beginner) are
these shorthand expressions often seen in email.
BTW=by the way
IMHO=in my humble opinion
RTM =read the manual
ROFL=rolls on floor laughing
LOL=lots/loads of laughs
emoticons... these are used to indicate "emotion" in emails etc. (tilt your
head to the left to see them properly)
happy emoticons=:)  :-) :-P :o) ... winking ;-) ;) ;-P
unhappy emoticons = :(  :-( :o(  ... tears :'-( :'(  :'o(

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That wonderful mail that comes to your computer and connects you to the world.

PLEASE DON'T send out Forwarded emails to other people!!!!

It can block up email and most people really don't have the time to read them. If you like something then consider making it a web page and just share the URL or web page address.

If you want to check to see if an email is a hoax or true then please check my: Annie's Computer News & Information Page

USE the BCC!!!!

BCC is Blind Carbon Copy. If you are sending something to a lot of people then make sure you don't show all the email addresses. We like to preserve our privacy on the internet. This will be much appreciated by everyone.

Check out the Email Etiquette Page



The Mysteries of Computing........A wonderful selection of resources for the beginner "Newbee" or anyone interested in learning more about computing. This is one of Peggie's pages.

TIP WORLD offers many different topics of email tips that come week days to your computer. Or check out PC World for their latest tips.I use Internet Explorer 4.0 so I can get mine in HTML form, which is like having a web page sent to you by email.

COMPUTER TIP:To change the name of the icon "My Computer" just go to the desktop and click on it. Then push F2. Type your personal preference. Mine is called "Annie's Computer". Press enter and there you have it.



DOWNLOADING is fun and makes me and my computer very happy. Don't forget to download WinZip so you can get into the zip files. Read the Instructions they have at the sites if you are unsure how to download.

Don't DELETE a download!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't like something once you have it downloaded just don't delete it.  It
won't hurt the  computer.  When I started on the computer that was the most
important thing to learn.  Some of the different programs "share files" and
if you delete a program it is like a magnet and will grab them so that the
other programs won't have that needed and shared program.
Hope that helps and doesn't confuse you more.

Instead of deleting it go to "My Computer" then "Control Panel" then "add or remove programs". This is the safe way of removing a program. If you don't have to worry about "space" then just leaving it is the best idea.

Here are some Downloads to try:

Download.Com has a List of Religion Downloads. Download Bible programs, games, screensaver........and more.
Download Manager is a first-of-its-kind software application built expressly for the Internet, helping you keep track of the software on your system and making the process of updating your software an easy one. And it's FREE.
Cyberspace Ministry Freeware offers two games in English, French and Spanish. a FREE downloadable calendar by the Teen Winner of a Computer Contest. Looks like a good program and it has NO advertising.
Download Center from MyComputer.Com - lots of things to explore here.
Free Country - they have lots of things to check out.
Download Accelerator - will remember what you were downloading and start back where you were if the download is interrupted.
Timeup.exe is a free program that will keep track of your online hours. Some ISP's do say "UNLIMITED" access but they do limit to about 300 hours a month. So if you need to monitor your online time download this free program to do just that.
LOGTIME is another program. I used it and really enjoyed it until I ran into a problem. I checked a date on the computer calendar but it had trouble with the future date. Anyway it is a good program that I think you will enjoy. Just don't mess with the calendar and you will be ok.



Font's are great fun so visit these pages and try some new ones today. Did you know that if you don't have certain fonts installed, you can't view the web page the way the designer made it?

This page is using the font: "Comic Sans MS".

If you click on a font, you get a sample. You can also print out the list of available fonts with a sample of each. Fonts are generally FREEWARE.
Free True type fonts for the web by Microsoft
Fonts that Billy Bear's pages use
Fontarooni - offers free & cute fonts to download
Kat's Fun Font's had a great free Tribute American Font

Here's a list of some common domains and their codes: .....................Australia = .au
organization = .org .....................Canada = .ca .......................Germany = .de
government = .gov...................Japan = .ja = .nl
network = .net
For more Net "Lingo" visit:
NetLingo: The Internet Language Dictionary

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