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"The joy of the Lord is my strength."
~Nehemiah 8:10~

July Calendars to Print & Use:
Calendar Pages from Graphic Garden (this is the one that I use)
A calendar to print out and use from Sheryl's Original Graphics
Monthly Activity Calendars
Family Crafts at has a
Special Days Page
Homeschooling at has
Funday Calendar
Month to Month from
You can find more related links on my:
Annie's "Holiday Fun & Free Stuff" Page

July Calendar Graphics for Web Page:
Caleb's Country Corner Graphics has mini calendars
These are the sites that offer free "linkware" monthly graphics!
To see what is offerec visit:
Annie's "Sample of Annie's Desktop for June" Page

My July Angel was adopted at My Country Stop!
July Monthly Adoptions for Web Pages:
Flower Gals by Month from Lavender Garden Graphics (in the graphics area)
Caleb's Country Corner - has birthstone cuties to adopt!

Annie's July Holiday Pages:
Canada Day, 4th of July and Bastille Day are all celebrated in the month of July!
For all my related July Holiday pages visit:
Annie's July Holidays Page
*The observance of all
Jewish Holidays begins at Sundown on
the preceding evening and ends at sundown on the days listed.

Free July Cards for all Occasions:
Send a card to let someone know what special things are celebrated in July:
July is
Picnic Month & Hot Dog Month
July 18th - 24th is
Hug Week
All Cards are FREE from
Annie's Card Shop and you can postdate them.
I have lots of other great July Holiday Related Cards on my:
Annie's July Cards Page!

Kids Fun & Craft Links for any MONTH!
Cute Colors has some great Coloring Pages & Cards & Adoptions too! has a page with Crafts For Charity
Coloring Pages from
Activities for Kids has lots of things to explore!
The Kids Room at Creative Ladies Ministy
My son Jake now has a Monthly Puzzle Page. Stop by
Jake's Monthly Puzzle Page
Visit my
Annie's Kid's Holiday Page for a listing of all my Kid's Holiday Pages
Jakes "July Word Puzzle Page & Jakes "July Word Puzzle Online" Page

Other July Ideas & Stuff Can be Found on these Pages:
Summer continues so visit my Annie's June Fun & Free Stuff page for lots of fun stuff!!
How about going to Summer Camp Online at:
KinderArt Summer Camp Page
Maybe make some desserts with Strawberries or start Scrapbooking!
Considering learning about and going on a Family
Camping Trip in the backyard!

"Fishing Fun & Fireflies too!!"
Insects & Fish Crafts & Bony Fish Printouts from
Or learn about the Firefly on
Firefly or Lightning Bug Printout
Or have a Fishing Themed Party with this
Fishing Party Checklist
Learn to Play a Fishing Related Game at
Activities and Games- Sharks and Fish
Don't miss the
FamilyFun- Fun Bug Crafts for Kids!

Shells & Sand Castles & Sand Dollars & the Ocean too!!
Ocean Crafts & Bivalves to Color Online from
She Sells Seashells Tongue Twisters and Nursery Rhymes
Sun and Sun Care is SO important so don't forget your SUN BLOCK!!!
Learn about the Sand Dollar with Sand Dollar Printout from
Coral Reef- Shells and Coral coloring page from's Family Crafts
Clay Sandcastle Activity & Sand Painting Lesson & Sand Mosaics
I have a Sandcastle Adoption that I found on my
Annie's Summer Adoptions Page!
I have all my Summer Fun pages listed here:
Annie's Summer Welcome Page

Canada Day Fun:
Take a quiz on Canada from
Canada Coloring Pages & Canada Day Color Pages from's Family Crafts
Canada Word Search & Canada Word Unscramble & Canada Crossword puzzle
Canada Theme Unit from
Activities and Ideas for Canada from
Don't miss my
Annie's Canada Day Page!!!

Hats, Hats and more Hats!! You can never have enough!!!
Hats Crafts from
Make some
Newspaper Hats or Paper Bag Hats or Party Hats or Stick Hats or even a
Paper Tulip Hat! Or how about a Craft- Firecracker Hat?

Ice Cream Fun Stuff:
Ice Cream Theme Unit from
Edible Crafts from
July is
National Ice Cream Month!
Ice Cream Word Search & Ice Cream Crossword Puzzle & Ice Cream Theme Unit
Homemade Ice Cream & Pop Art Ice Cream Painting from
Recycle Bin Graphics has a cute Ice Cream Related Sig Tag for your Email!
Ice Cream "Sand" Castle

Genealogy Fun Stuff:
Genealogy & Family History Package
Family Tree & Start Your Research
Semi-circular family tree diagram to print & use
Also this
Paper Family Tree Craft & Family Tree Crafts Page From Enchanted Learning
Why not consider having a Family Reunions this summer? They are always fun!

Patriotic Fun Stuff:
US Presidents Wordsearch Puzzle (Printout)
US Revolutionary Wordsearch Puzzle (Printout)
Independence Day Coloring Pages from's Family Crafts
Grandma George has Americana & 4th of July Recipe Cards & Notepads to Print and use
Patriotic US Crafts & July 4th & Independence Day Crafts from
Patiotic Adoptions from Jeanne's Country Cottage
This graphic is from The Recycle Bin Graphics!
Hurricane Season Continues!
Hurricane Season Begins July 1st and ends November 30th
Annie's Hurricane Page & Annie's Hurricane & Weather Links Page
Rain Sticks Craft from
Today's Weather Fact & Hurricane Season from
Ask Ann- Rainy Day Crafts

Email Sig Tags:
Why not add a new Sig Tag to your email for Summer or 4th of July?
Don't know what Sig Tags are?
Then visit my:
Annie's "Sig Tag" Page - learn how to add a sig tag to your email
Annie's "Summer Sig Tags" Page & Annie's "4th of July Sig Tags" Page

Free Email Cards:
Send someone a FREE Email Greeting Card
Annie's Card Shop
Click here to send a free July greeting card to a friend!
Just click the flags above to visit
Annie's July Cards Page

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