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In the United States, Independence Day is celebrated on July 4th.
On that day in 1776, the Continental Congress
adopted the Declaration of Independence.

This is my "4th of July Welcome Page",
which is actually the index for of all my 4th of July pages.

"4th of July Pages" by Annie:
Annie's 4th of July Page
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Annie's "Fourth of July Adoptions" Page
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4th of July Pages in SPANISH:
La Página "Bienvenidos al 4 de Julio" de Annie
La Página del 4 de Julio de Annie
La Página de Enlaces referente al 4 de Julio de Annie
La Página de los Símbolos y Cosas referentes al 4 de Julio de Annie
La Página de Textos referentes al 4 de Julio de Annie
La Página de Premios y Tarjetas de Annie

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Learn more about the PLEDGE at Annie's "Pledge of Allegiance" Page

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Are you looking for
4th of July Graphics?
Annie's "Links to Holiday Graphics for July" Page

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