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Annie's Advent Page
Annie's Advent Calendar Page
Annie's Advent Links Page
~A Message for You from Heaven~
Annie's Bird Page - decorated
for Winter!!!
Annie's Boxing Day Page

Annie's Christmas Page
Annie's "Christmas Adoptions" Page
Annie's "Christmas Adoptions 2003" Page
Annie's Christmas Adventure Page
Annie's "Alternative Ideas for Christmas" Page
Annie's Christmas Cards Page
Annie's "Christmas Cards & Gifts Received" Page
Annie's "Christmas Faith Blinkies" Page
NEW - Annie's "Christmas Fun Blinkies" Page
Annie's Christmas History Page
Annie's Christmas Ideas Page
Annie's Christmas Ideas "The Rest of the Month" Page
Annie's Christmas is for Kids Page
Annie's Christmas Music Page
Annie's "Christmas Quilt Pieces" Page
Annie's "Christmas Quilt" Page
Annie's "Christmas Sig Tags" Page
Annie's Christmas Tea Page
Annie's Christmas TV Specials Page
Annie's Christmas Webring Page
Annie's Christmas Welcome Page

Annie's December Cards Page
Annie's "December Fun & Free Stuff" Page
Annie's December Verse A Day Page
Annie's "Month of December" Page
Annie's December Bible Verses Page
Annie's December Memory Verses Page
Annie's "A Psalm for Each Day" Page ~For December 2001~
Annie's "December Holidays" Page

Annie's Epiphany Page

G & H
Annie's Gingerbread Page
Annie's "Gingerbread Blinkies" Page
Annie's Gingerbread Sig Tag Page
Annie's Gingerbread Welcome Page
Annie's Gingerbread Link Page
Annie's Hannukah Page
Annie's "Holiday Fun & Free Stuff" Page
Annie's "How to Cope with Grief and the Holidays" Page
Annie's "How to Help Others who are Grieving" Page
Annie's "How to Cope with Grief Suggestions" Page

J, K, L & M
Annie's "January Holidays" Page
Annie's "Jesus-Messiah the Fulfillment of Prophecy" Page
Annie's Kwanzaa Page
Annie's Let's Visit the Neighbors Page
Annie's "Manger" Page
Annie's Month of December Page
Annie's More Christmas Page
Annie's MORE Christmas Cards & Gifts for 2001 Page

Annie's New Year Page
Annie's New Year History Page
Annie's New Year Around the World Page

Annie's Poinsettia Page - has Poinsettia
Blinkies too!

Annie's "Send Christmas Mail to Our Troops" Page
Annie's Snow Page
So you want to make a Christmas Home Page too

Annie's Twelfth Night Page

Annie's "Why I Have Holiday Pages" Page
Annie's Winter Page
Annie's "Winter Blinkies" Page
Annie's Winter Links & Activities Page
Annie's Winter Sports Page
Annie's Winter Symbols & Things Page
Annie's Winter Welcome Page
Annie's Wisemen Page
Annie's Write the Troops Page

Annie's 1997 Christmas Award Page
Annie's 1998 & 1999 Christmas Awards Page
Annie's 1998 Christmas Greeting

Thank you Jake for doing this page
for me! You can visit my son
Jake's Home Page and don't miss his
monthly word search puzzles.

Jake's December & Christmas Puzzles Pages:
Jake's December Puzzles Page - lists all of the related Puzzles for the Month
Jake's Marys Visit Puzzle Page
Jake's Shepherds Visit Puzzle Page
Jake's Taxing Travels Puzzle Page
Jakes December Word Search Page - The Christmas Story

NEW - Jakes Christmas Trivia Two Game Page
Jakes Christmas Trivia Two Print Page
Jakes Christmas Trivia Two Answers Page

For a listing of all my son Jake's Christmas Pages visit his: Jake's Index Page

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