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"Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted"
~Matthew 5:4~

A Few Words from Annie:
I thought that I would make a few separate pages from my
LONG Cope with Grief page. This way it might be read more and help
more people. This page will help you to encourage, love and support others
or even yourself if you are dealing with LOSS during this holiday season!
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How to Help Others Who Are Grieving

1: DON'T just say "Call me if you need anything". When you are grieving you
can't think to pick up the phone and call someone to help you. INSTEAD
call them to just check in and let them know if you are going to the
grocery store and offer to pick up something for them. Drop by just to
make sure that they really are OK

2: Make a point to call them once a week or every other week for a while.
People tend to overdo it the week of the funeral but then seem to forget
all about you on the third week and later. BUT they still need your
love and prayers and help.

3: Share a special memory of the deceased person either in person or in a
Sympathy Card.
It is OK to share a story or talk about the person that
died. They need to talk about it. Unfortunately some families just
never talk about the person who died again. Happy memories help
to bring us through the grief process.

4: Volunteer to drive them to the grave site. Some people may not want to
go alone and others don't feel comfortable driving after all they have
gone through. Family members may have left to go back home and then
don't have anyone locally to take them there.

5: Offer to help with the "Thank you notes". It is often hard for people
to send the "Thank you notes" because they feel that they need to
write a personal note back to everyone and feel totally overwhelmed.
Some people purchase ready made sympathy thank you notes or have
sympathy cards personalize through a printer or the funeral home. They
are sent for the flowers, food and cards. You could at least do the
addressing and stamping and then that would give them a good start.

6: Make sure they have food and are eating. This is the time that
"easy and simple" are the best words to remember. Drop off food
that just has to be reheated. When you make a meal why not make a
plate for them and just drop it by. So many people bring food in the first
few days after a death and then 3 weeks later the person is not eating
at all or well for that matter. If you sent food make sure that your name
is on the bottom of the dish or plate. If you have the time you might
ask them if there is something specific that they fancy to eat. Even
if they have no appetite comfort foods do help.

~There are of course many more ideas. But these should get you started.~


William A. Spencer

Nov 1, 1963 - Feb 28, 1996
"To Live in the Hearts of Those You Leave
Behind is not to Die."
~Robert Orr~

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