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"The Christmas season begins on the Sunday nearest November 30th."
Future Advent Dates:
Novemeber 28th, 2010 & November 27th, 2011 & December 2nd, 2012
December 1st, 2013 & November 30th, 2014 & November 29th, 2015

"ADVENT MARKS THE START of the Christmas season. It begins on the Sunday nearest November 30th,
the feast day of St. Andrew the Apostle, and covers fours Sundays. Because the day it begins changes from
year to year, so does the length of each
Advent season. In the year 2009, Advent begins on
November 29th and lasts until December 25th. "Quoted from Information Please
Advent Page
Footnote: Actually, it precedes the Christmas season. Advent is one season - Christmas is another season.

Advent 2010

Pick a special time and come to this page at that time every day. For each day of the month until Christmas
you will find 3 different links. The topics for each day are: A Craft, a FUN Link and a Devotional link.
Have FUN and don't spoil it by doing it all in one day. Hope you enjoy the Advent & Christmas Season!!!!

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Christmas Crafts Links:
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All About Jesus Christmas Crafts Page
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The Idea Box Christmas Crafts
Robin's FYI Home Page offers Christmas Fun
Christmas Crafts from The Yule Family

More Crafts to Enjoy:
Crafts with Food from Kids Domain
Candy Cane Reindeer
Easy, Easy Christmas Ornament Gift
Christmas Candleholder
Little Angels - Print, cut, glue, and hang your ornament.

More Activity & Games Pages to Check:
Fun & Games from Billy Bear
Concentration from (some of the symbols are questionable at best)
Word Search to Print & Play (18 to choose from)
Word Search Java to play online by
Not Just for Kids
Christmas Fun
Coloring Book
Christmas Cursors for your Computer or Web Page - MAY close webpages that are open
Sears Portrait Shop has lots of Christmas fun to enjoy
Alphabet Soup's Christmas Games & Coloring Pages

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