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Remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season!!!


Let me invite you to visit with me at my house.
Just walk past the fence .......................

Everyone's home is a little bit different. But everyone tries to be

This year I decorated the outside for the holidays too.

Please come in the front door. It's cold out there.

You can warm up by the fireplace.

Now lets sit down

and discuss what you want your new HOME to look like.
You can decorate it any way you wish.
Be creative. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Have you decided what your home page will look like yet?

Make sure you take the time to write down all your thoughts.
OK! Now lets get started. Shall we?

To make a Christmas Home Page

You are going to need a few things:
scripture verses, a theme, graphics, a plan,
music, fonts, links
and more!

Sharing your faith with others on your Home Page:

How can I share "My Faith" with others on my Home Page?

As Christians we have a real opportunity to share the salvation message on our pages. On our holiday pages it is even more important. You will have alot of visitors during the holidays who might never otherwise visit a Christian site. How are you going to present the gospel?

Here are a few ideas:

This is the best present I can give you

Now add a link under the present to "The Four Spiritual Laws" site.


What is a Christian and How can I become one?
Click the Key
and find out.

This is what I put on my main Christmas page:

This Christmas I would like you to receive the most important gift I can give you.

Here it is. You don't have to shake it or tear the wrapping paper.
Just click on the present to find out how to become a Christian.

What I want to give you is "Salvation". It is a FREE gift from God. "For by GRACE are you saved through faith, it is a gift of God not of works lest any man should boast" Ephesians 2:8-9. Here is a link to "The Four Spiritual Laws" part of Campus Crusade for Christ. This page and site will follow up on your decision if you become a Chrisitian and they have wonderful resources. You can click here and read my personal testimony at "Annie's Testimony Page".

All the presents in the world won't matter if you spend eternity in hell. Don't put it don't know what tomorrow may bring. Do you know what you would say if you tomorrow you died, you got to heaven and they asked you "Why should we let you in?" Believe me a long laundry list of all the good things you did isn't enough. Because nothing of your own merit will get you to heaven.....the only way is by accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior.

And here is one more simple salvation messages...

It's as easy as ABC to give your heart to the Lord.

All you have to do is:
you are a sinner. Romans 3:23
Believe Jesus died on the cross for you. Acts 16:31
Confess your sin to God and turn from it. Romans 10:9

...My friends House2House Ministries shared this with me.

Pray and ask the Lord to direct your mind and thoughts while you are creating your page. He will do it. God is good and He does answer prayer. The Lord gives me the wonderful ideas that I have used in creating my pages. When the ideas come I just have to grab a pen and paper and write them down. Remember what Psalm 32:8 says:
"I will instruct you and teach you in the way which thou shalt go
I will guide you with mine eye."

Help for making your Home Page:

If you have created pages before then these graphics links below will inspire you.
BUT if you are a beginner and this is your FIRST page:

You might want to start at some of my other pages..........
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Looking for Holiday Graphics:
My graphics links pages are listed further down the page

Special Christmas Fonts:
This Font is called
"Candy Cane Match"
If you are not seeing a font above that looks like a candy cane you can go HERE and download the zip file and then install it in your fonts folder. BTW the rest of the page is in "Comic Sans MS" my favorite font and the one I have chosen to use throughout my site. You can download this font FREE click here.

Christmas Graphics

Animated Gifs

Aren't they just great? You just save them the same way you do a regular graphic.



Lets gather some graphics to use on your Christmas Page!

Looking for Holiday Graphics:
Annie's Holiday Graphics Page - January - June
Annie's Holiday Graphics Page - July - December

You can also visit Annie's List of Great Graphics Sites Page
Annie's More Great Graphics Page.
Many of the graphics artists add holiday graphics through out the year.

Make sure you download the graphics from the sites. Don't know how?
Visit my
Annie's List of Great Graphics Spots and learn how.

How to Make your own Web Page from About.Com - Kid's Exchange

Adding MUSIC to your Web Page

Music can minister to our souls. And this is the time to Worship and Praise our Lord.
Here are some sites with Christmas midi flies:

How to add midi sound files to your web pages

New Christmas Music By Gilberto Barreto and Friends

Christmas Songs

How to add midi sound files to your web pages

Tim's Christmas Page - This is a collection of Christmas Carols and Hymns


Join some new Christian webrings. Check out "Christian" &
I just found a NEW Christian Webring Hosting site:

I have joined 3 Webrings for Christmas and I have them listed at the bottom of my:
Annie's Christmas Webrings Page

You can find a listing of all my Webrings on my new:
Annie's Webring's Page

I just wanted to encourage all of you to join different rings and things. What a wonderful way to tell others we
are "Christians". If some of you are new to the Internet let me explain this "webring" thing to you. You don't
have to join them to enjoy them either. A webring has like minded sites linked together. You can click on the
"List" which will give you all the members in the ring. Or you can just keep clicking "next" to follow the ring all
the way around. Of course all webrings should be viewed with "WISDOM" and "DISCERNMENT".


You might want to make a Christmas Banner to exchange links with other Christmas pages. I personally don't know
how to make graphics or banners. Wendy of
Wendy's Backgrounds made one of my Christmas banners visit her
Christmas page:
"Happy Birthday Jesus". Lorrie of The Raven's Nest made the other Christmas banner for me.

Here is Annie's Christmas Page Banner

If you would like to add a link to any of my Christmas pages please DOWNLOAD
the graphic and don't link directly to my graphics.
The URL is:

I now have a banner just for this page: Annie's So You Want to Make a Christmas Homepage Too Page.
Just download the graphic and link to

Why I have Holiday Pages..............
Visit: "Annie's Why I have Holiday Pages" Page

~Hope these ideas have helped and inspired you~

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