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~An Alternative to Happy Easter~

"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me,
though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth
in me shall never die. Believest thou this?"
~John 11:25-26~

Happy Resurrection Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!
He is ALIVE!!!!
He Has Risen Graphic

I think that we should change the name of Easter this year. Instead of wishing friends a "Happy Easter" try
"Happy Resurrection Sunday". Have a Resurrection Sunday Celebration this year. Share your faith and the Word
of God with others. Make your own personal "Family Tradition" for this Easter Season that
focuses on the Resurrection of the Lord.

Why would you celebrate the Resurrection instead of Easter?
A new day, new beginnings and new life. NEW is one of the key words for today.

Consider giving out "lambs" instead of eggs and bunnies. Jesus was our perfect passover sacrifice to atone for our
sins. He is our
PASSOVER LAMB! Teach the kids about how a lamb is chosen and what the Bible tells us about
the perfect lamb. You might even consider having a
"Passover Seder" this year too. Search the Bible to learn how
Jesus celebrated Passover with his disciples. Look at how Jesus fulfilled the prophetic Feast of Passover. It is a
great opportunity to have a family study time and get the kids interested in searching and reading the Bible.

One of the BEST ways to celebrate "Resurrection Sunday" is to start it with a Sunrise Service at your church.
Of course if will probably be called
"An Easter Sunrise Service". Of course you can check the
Sunrise Family Service page that I have created and consider having your own service at home this year.

Consider making the special Resurrection Easter Cookies & Scripture Easter Eggs this year. I have some different
ideas to incorporate your faith with the holiday season listed below. Of course you are only limited by your own
imagination and creativity. Let the kids help decide what else you might want to add to your celebration this year.
I am sure they will have some great ideas. Brainstorm together in a family meeting then write down
all the ideas and discuss which ones you should use this way.

Don't forget to say Happy Resurrection Sunday this year!!! He is not dead...He is alive.
We serve a RISEN Savior. Who has promised us that He will
return for us one day soon!

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NOTE: Most of the pages are in TEXT ONLY version this year. So you can print them out and
share them with others too!!!
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Easter will be Celebrated on Sunday April 4th, 2010 and Sunday April 24th, 2011
Orthodox Easter in 2011 is the same date as Easter~
Send an
Easter Card that shares with others "He is Risen"!

"We serve a Risen Savior"
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