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~Celebrated on Sunday April 24th, 2011 and Sunday April 8th, 2012~
Orthodox Easter in 2011 is the same date as Easter, 2012 it is April 15th~
~For an explanation of
The Date of Easter OR Orthodox Easter Differences~

"Jesus said unto her I am the resurrection, and the life; he that believeth in me,
though he were dead, yet shall he live; And whosoever liveth and
believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?"
~~John 11:25-26~~

"For God so Loved the World that he gave His only begotten Son. That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16 !!!

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Do you want to listen to some music?
You can listen to Easter Music while you visit my Easter Pages
Annie's Easter Music Page - has "Christ the Lord is Risen Today!"

Easter 2011 Dates:
March 8th - Mardi Gras - Tue before Ash Wednesday
March 9th -
Lent Begins on Ash Wednesday
March 9th -
Ash Wednesday - 7th Wed preceding Easter
March 20th -
March 20th - First Day of
April 17th -
Palm Sunday - the Sunday before Easter Sunday
April 19th - April 26th - Pesach/
April 21st -
Maundy Thursday
April 22nd -
Good Friday
April 22nd - Orthodox Good/Great Friday
April 24th - (Western)
Easter visit here for an explanation of The Date of Easter
April 24th - Orthodox
Easter visit here for a page with dates for Orthodox Easter
April 25th -
Easter Monday in Canada
For More 2011 Holiday Dates visit my NEW:
Annie's 2011 Holidays By Date Page

Easton's Bible Dictionary defines
Easter this way:

originally a Saxon word (Eostre), denoting a goddess of the Saxons, in honour of whom sacrifices were offered about the time of the Passover. Hence the name came to be given to the festival of the Resurrection of Christ, which occurred at the time of the Passover. In the early English versions this word was frequently used as the translation of the Greek pascha (the Passover). When the Authorized Version (1611) was formed, the word "Passover" was used in all passages in which this word pascha occurred, except in Acts 12:4. In the Revised Version the proper word, "Passover," is always used.

Thoughts from Annie about Easter:
Well, I have to tell you that of all my holiday pages Easter has been the hardest to do. This Christian
celebration is even named after a heathen goddess and based on Pagan festivals. Around the time of the vernal
equinox the Saxons observed the sacrificial festival of the goddess Eostre. The more that I found out about the
holiday the harder it was to find something Christian or redeeming in it. Most people really don't know the history
of the holiday. You can read about it on
Annie's Easter History Page.

But maybe it was the focus that was wrong. Instead of "Easter" this year you might want to consider celebrating
"Resurrection Sunday". That would change everything really. You can take the holiday and use it for a way to
share your faith with others. I have a few different ideas to help you make some changes this year.
You might want to start by visiting my
Annie's Resurrection Sunday Page.

There is also a page for you to learn about some alternatives to the "Traditional" Celebrating of Easter by other
Christians on
Annie's How to Celebrate Easter Page. You can find out about the history of the holiday along
with the symbols and their meanings. Please make your own personal "Family Tradition" for this Easter Season.
Wish others a
Resurrection Sunday this year. Share your faith and the Word of God with others.
Remember that "We Serve a RISEN Savior!!!!!!

In the past I have gotten some pretty nasty email because I had bunnies and eggs on my Easter Kids Page. So I
decided to be a little "proactive" this year and did change the graphics BUT I also wrote a new page about this.
You can see the NEW page here if you like:
Annie's "Why do you have Bunnies & Eggs on your Easter Pages? Page

Annie's Easter Pages

Annie's Easter Page - This is the "Main Page" from before I had to use this one as index!
Annie's Easter Adoptions Page - Both Fun & Faith Adoptions!
Annie's Easter Awards Page
Annie's "Easter Cards for You" Page
Annie's Easter Cards Received Page
Annie's "Family Easter Sunrise Service" Page
Annie's Easter Ham Story Page - Ever wonder why you do the
things that you do???
Annie's Easter History Page
Annie's How to Celebrate Easter Page
Annie's "The Jelly Bean Prayer -- Revisited" Page - A NEW Version and
a great way to share the gospel with everyone at Easter.
If you would like to have a more printer friendly page visit:
Annie's "The Jelly Bean Prayer -- Revisited" Text Page

Annie's "Jelly Beans & Carrots" Page - This page also
has some cute carrots that I adopted for you to check out!
Annie's "Jelly Beans & Carrots" Text Only Page
Annie's "Jelly Bean Prayer" Page
Annie's "Easter Jelly Bean Prayer" Text Only Page
Annie's "Easter Just for Kids" Page - lots of great links to enjoy
& has a few Easter Animated Adoptions that I adopted!
Annie's Easter Links Page
Annie's Easter Music Page - While you visit listen to Christ the
Lord is Risen Today!
Annie's Easter Quilt Page
Annie's "Easter Quilt Pieces" Page
Annie's "Easter Sig Tags" Page
Annie's "Easter Story Eggs" Page - A wonderful creative way to
teach your children about the REAL meaning of Easter.
Annie's Easter Story Eggs Text Only Page
Annie's Easter Symbols and Their Meanings Page
Annie's Easter TV Specials Page
Jakes "Easter Word Puzzle" Page
Annie's "Easter Webrings" Page
Annie's "Older Easter Cards Received" Page
Annie's Resurrection Sunday Page
Annie's Resurrection Cookies Page
Annie's "Resurrection Cookies for Grandparents" Page
Annie's Resurrection Cookies Text Only Page
Annie's "Why do you have Bunnies & Eggs on your Easter Pages? Page

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Annie's Month of March Page

Everybody loves the Holidays!!!
For a Listing of All my Holiday Pages:
Annie's List of Holiday Pages
For all my
April Pages visit: Annie's April Holidays Page
Here are just a few:
Annie's "April Fun & Free Stuff" Page
NEW - Annie's "A Psalm for Each Day" Page ~For April 2011~
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Spring begins
March 20th, 2011
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Easter Blinkies Pages:
The image above is a BLINKIE from
Marsha's Graphic Garden!
Annie's "Easter Faith Blinkies" Page
Annie's "Easter Family & Fun Blinkies" Page

Easter Stamp:
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"We serve a Risen Savior!"


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