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Kid in a Candy Store - FOOD, Mon April 18 08:30pm EST - Easter Basket - Easter treats are the focus. Included: a giant chocolate bunny is made at Madame Chocolat in Beverly Hills; untraditional Easter eggs are served with bacon at Vosges Haut-Chocolat in Chicago; panoramic eggs are sculpted from pure sugar at Kencraft Candy in Alpine, Utah.
Kid in a Candy Store - FOOD, Tues April 19 03:30am EST - Easter Basket
Easter Unwrapped - FOOD, Fri April 22 11:00pm EST - Easter Basket - A look at Easter eats, including Peeps, Palmer chocolate bunnies and Easter hams.
Easter Unwrapped
- FOOD, Sat April 23 2:00am EST - Easter Basket

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