Annie's "Family Easter Sunrise Service" Page
~Quoted from "Let's Make a Memory" by G. Gaither & S. Dobson~

"He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come,
see the place where the Lord lay."
~Matthew 28:6~

We serve a risen Savior!!!!!

He is not dead.....He is ALIVE!!!! This year am trying to encourage people to celebrate "Resurrection Sunday"
instead of Easter. When you greet people consider saying: Happy Resurrection Sunday instead of the standard
Happy Easter. By changing our focus from Easter to the Resurrection you will need some new and different ideas
other then just the old standard candy and bunnies. This Sunrise Service concept is a great activity for families
to begin and continue as a Family Tradition. I have a few other great pages for you to use to help you do this.
You will find all my Easter pages listed on:
Annie's Easter Welcome Page. Of course when you read about the
Sunrise Service below remember that you can always add your own personal creative ideas to make it even more
special for your family. If you prefer not to do this on Sunday and instead want to go to your own church sunrise
service then you could do this on the Saturday before. If your own church isn't planning a sunrise service then
attend a Sunday church sunrise service at another church in your neighborhood. Check your local newspaper or call
different churches to see if they have planned a special celebration for sunrise on Resurrection Sunday.
Have a "Happy Resurrection Sunday" 2001!!! So lets get started and check out this great activity.

Things To Do Ahead of Time

Choose a special, quiet place from which the sunrise can be seen.
Prepare a simple, carry-along breakfast of boiled eggs, rolls, juice, etc. (If you like, each person's breakfast
could be packed in a colorful Easter basket. Surprises could be hidden in the bottom of each basket.)
Find and mark the Easter story in the Bible.
Choose one of two songs the whole family can sing about the risen Lord, or take along a cassette player or CD
player and taped music the family can sing along with.
The week before Easter, read from a Bible story book or from the Bible the events leading up to the
Resurrection (
Matthew 26,27) and discuss them.
The night before Easter, talk about how the disciples must have felt on the saturday night before the
Resurrection; how Jesus' mother must have felt; what Mary Magdalene and those who had known Jesus were

Things to do on Easter Morning

Rise early enough to give the family time to get to your special place just before the sun comes up.
Wear clothes that can be gotten into quickly (you can get ready for church later). Take warm jackets and
Spread a blanket to sit on; then read together about the women going to Jesue' tomb and what they
As the sun comes peeping over the horizon, sing or play a victorious song.
Then thank God with your eyes wide open for the Resurrection and what it means to; your family.
Celebrate by sharing the simple breakfast you have brought with you.

Easter will be on April 24th, 2011
Send an
Easter Card that shares with others "He is Risen"!

"We serve a Risen Savior"
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