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"The joy of the Lord is my strength."
~Nehemiah 8:10~

May Calendars to Print & Use:
Calendar Pages from Graphic Garden (this is the one that I use)
Monthly Activity Calendars by Enchanted Learning
Family Crafts at has a
Monthly Special Day Index
Homeschooling at has
Monthly Calendar Index Page
Facts about the Month of May from Barb's Entourage. She also has a weekly
Month to Month from
You can find more related links on my:
Annie's "Monthly Holiday Fun & Free Stuff" Page

This May Flower Gal was adopted at Lavendar Garden!
May Monthly Adoptions for Web Pages:
Flower Gals by Month from Lavender Garden Graphics (link not working)
Caleb's Country Corner - has birthstone cuties to adopt!

Annie's May Holiday Pages for 2011:
Stop by my: Annie's "May Holiday" Page

Free May Cards for all Occasions:
Send a card to let someone know what special things are celebrated in May:
May 1st - 7th is
Hug Holiday Week & Get Happy Week
Check out all the Free ECards for
May Events that are available to send and postdate!
Send a FREE
Birthday Greeting or an Anniversary card for your own special occasions!
All Cards are FREE from
Annie's Card Shop and you can postdated.
I have lots of other great May Holiday Related Cards on my:
Annie's May Cards Page

Kids Fun & Craft Links for MAY!
Cute Colors has some great Coloring Pages & Cards & More! - has Mother's Day Cards to Color & Spring Coloring too!
Adopt a Cookie for Mother's Day from Gramma Hugs Bakery
Seasonal Arts & Crafts for the
month of May from
May Flowers Coloring Pages from
Activities for Kids has lots of things to explore!
My son Jake now has a Monthly Puzzle Page. Stop by
Jake's Monthly Puzzle Page
Jake's Printable May Word Puzzle Page & Jake's "May Online Word Puzzle" Page
Don't Miss:
Annie's Mother's Day Kid's Page & Annie's Memorial Day Kids Page
Visit my
Annie's Kid's Holiday Page for a listing of all my Kid's Holiday Pages

May & June are both considered Graduation Months
Visit the
Annie's Graduation Prayer Page & Annie's Graduation Page
Send a
Graduation Email Greeting!!
Adopt a Graduation Cupcake - not sure if they are still available

These Monthly Lil' Pigs are for May and Adopted from Lil'Pixels!  But the site is no longer online!!
Pigs, Pigs and More Pigs!!!:
Pigs Theme Page from
Pigs Unit from Exemplary Lesson Plans
Paper Bag Puppets or Magnificent Masks for Kids to Make
Related Site:
Children's Storybooks Online
Farm Theme Unit from
The World of Pigs Unit Study for Kids
Make a Paper Mache Piggy Bank

Charlotte Webs by E.B. White

One of the most POPULAR PIG story books is "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White.
Letter from the author to answer a question about the Book:
A Letter from E.B. White
Charlotte's Web- Chapter One of the book online for you to read!
Or the whole book is at here:
Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web & Print Me!

Bees & Honey:
The Graphics Cupboard has a set of Bee Graphics with matching Desktop & Calendars too!
Graphic Garden has Bear & Honey Stationery & Bears & Bees Lists in Free Printables
Bees Theme Page from
Grandma George has Honey Bear Seed Packets to Print and use
Bees Theme Unit & Bee Word Search from
Butterflies, Bees, and Bugs a new Kid's page by Julia
Don't miss my
Annie's BEE an Internet Missionary Page

Graphic Garden has Cow Stationery in the Free Printables Section
Graphic Garden has a Cow Coloring Page in the Kids Section
Cows Theme Page from
The Recycle Bin Graphics offers a Chocolate Cow!
Grandma George has Country Cow Gift Bags & Magnets & Recipe Cards to Print and use

Graphic Garden has Horse Stationery in the Free Printables Section
Horses Theme Page from

Sig Tags:
Why not add a new Sig Tag to your email for Spring? Don't know what Sig Tags are?
Then visit my:
Annie's "Sig Tag" Page - learn how to add a sig tag to your email
Annie's "Spring Sig Tags" Page & Annie's "Mother's Day Sig Tags" Page

Free Email Cards:
Send someone a FREE Email Greeting Card From Annie's Card Shop
Click here to send a free May greeting card to a friend!
Just click the umbrella above to visit:
Annie's May Cards Page

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