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I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America (natural pause)
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one Nation under God, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all.

NOTE: There would be FOUR PAUSES when reciting the Pledge… first note that there
is no comma after the word “America” but a ‘natural’ breathing pause… PAUSES would
then be… (1) after the word “America” – (2) after “stands,” – (3) after “one Nation
under God,” – and (4) after “indivisible,”. Source for this is:
who is a visitor information volunteer at
Veteran's Memorial Wall

Annual National Pause for the Pledge of Allegiance on
Flag Day - June 14th each year, at time noted on webpage (7:00 pm EDT).
Pledge Across America - Wednesday Sept 17th, 2003 at 2:00PM - EDT
Oct 12th at 2:00PM there was a Synchronized saying of The Pledge of Allegiance for
all school children and the nation. Source: Ari Fleischer's White House
Press Briefing.

Amazing and Unexpected News Item that seems to be the "Hot Topic"!!!
6/27/02 - White House Reaction to Circuit Court Ruling
6/26/02 -
U.S. Court Votes to Bar Pledge of Allegiance: Use of 'God' Called

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The White House & Senate & Democrats & Republicans
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Annie's President's Links Page too!

Here is what The World Book Encyclopedia
says about "The Pledge of Allegiance":
"Pledge of Allegiance is a solemn promise of loyalty to the United States. It reads:
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for
which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Public-school children first recited the pledge as they saluted the flag during the National
School Celebration held in 1892 to mark the 400th anniversary of the discovery of
America. The original pledge was probably written by Francis Bellamy (1855-1931), though
some scholars believe James B. Upham (1845-1905) wrote the pledge. Both men were from
Boston and worked for The Youth's Companion. The National Flag Conferences of the
American Legion expanded the original wording in 1923 and 1924. In 1942, Congress made
the pledge part of its code for the use of the flag. In 1954, it added the words
"under God."

Saluting the Flag
from The World Book Encyclopedia:
"Saluting the flag. When a national flag is raised or lowered as part of a ceremony, or
when it passes by in a parade or in review, everyone present should face it and stand at
attention. A man or woman in a military uniform should give a hand salute. Men and women
not in uniform salute by placing the right hand over the heart. A man wearing a hat
should remove his hat with his right hand and hold it at his left shoulder, with his palm
facing his heart. The flag should be saluted at the moment it passes by in a parade or in
review. Citizens of other countries should stand at attention, but they need not salute.

United States citizens give the
Pledge of Allegiance to the flag by holding the right hand
over the heart. If civilians hear the pledge recited, they should stand at attention and
men should remove their hats. People in uniform should salute. If the national anthem is
played while the U.S. flag is displayed, everyone present should face the flag and salute.
If it is not displayed, everyone should face toward the music and show respect in the
same way as when hearing the Pledge of Allegiance."

Here is what Compton's Encyclopedia
says about The Pledge of Allegiance:
"Pledge to the Flag: The pledge of allegiance to the flag was first published in 1892 in
Boston, Mass. Authorship was claimed for James B. Upham and Francis Bellamy. In
1939 the United States Flag Association ruled that Bellamy was the author of the
original pledge.
In pledging allegiance to the flag, stand with the right hand over the heart or at
attention. Men remove their headdress. Persons in uniform give the military salute.
All pledge together:
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for
which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Who wrote The Pledge of Allegiance?
Compton's Encyclopedia tells us that:
"Bellamy, Francis (1855-1931), U.S. editor and clergyman, born in Mount Morris, N.Y.;
Rome (N.Y.) Free Academy 1872, Univ. of Rochester 1876, Rochester Theological
Seminary; ordained in Baptist church 1879; pastor of First Baptist Church, Little Falls,
N.Y.; moved to Boston and became pastor of 2 churches there; joined staff of Youth's
Companion magazine, Boston, 1891; chairman of executive committee that proposed and
publicized national public schools celebration of Columbus Day, 1892; wrote Pledge of
Allegiance to the Flag, published in Youth's Companion, Sept. 8, 1892; authorship of
pledge disputed for some years but dispute resolved by U.S. Flag Assoc. committee
in 1939."

What can you do about this new Controversy?
Make sure you let Congress & Senate Member know your feelings about The Pledge!!!
To find your local Representative you can look in your phone book or visit these pages:
The White House or Write Your Representative - Lookup Representatives by zip code
U.S. House of Representatives Web Page: Member Offices & Currently on the House Floor
The United States Senate: List Senators Alphabetically & List Senators by State
Supreme Court Decisions

Christian Political Sites to Check Out:
Family Research Council
Christian Coalition
Concerned Women for America
American Center for Law and Justice
For Christian News Site Links Visit:
Annie's Church & Missions News Sources

Online Petitions & Statements about the Decision:
There are also some "online" petitions about The Pledge decision. BUT make sure that they
are valid before signing them. Always be careful when you give personal information online!
Millions Of Americans has an online petition!
Check out the NEW pages that
American Center for Law and Justice has added!
'Under God' Under Attack is an article from Family Research Council

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