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"How Annie's Desktop Looks for the month of July 2010"

July Blinkie from Jo's Obsession!

This background is from HoneyBrook Graphics!
July Calendar is from:
Caleb's Country Corner Graphics

July Bear is from Cute Colors Members Section!
Other Sites:
QuickCreations has a wonderful Wallpaper you can download!
Anita's Graphics has mini calendars for you to in the linkware section
Home Sweet HomePage offers 2 new Wallpapers for your PC
Calendars at
Caleb's Country Corner!
Amreta's Graphic Corner has Free Desktop Wallpapers for you!
Cheri's Bears - has linkware backgrounds for personal
Simply Graphics - has Desktop Calendars for the month under the linkware section!

More Mini Calendars:
Jo's Blinkie Obsession! & Caleb's Country Corner!
Caleb's Country Corner Graphics
Graphics by Ruth & O'

Other Spots to check for your Desktop Wallpaper:
Cute Colors in the Free Clipart Section
Graphic Garden & Graphics by Irene
Home Sweet Homepage Graphics
Of course I have TONS of great graphics sites on this page:
Annie's List of Great Graphics Spots

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