; Annie's 4th of July TV Schedule Page

Annie's 4th of July TV Schedule Page

Don't forget to have a blank tape and set your VCR's!!!
For your own local TV Listings visit: Yahoo TV
I have listed some shows in the middle of the night so that you can tape
them if you wish. I do not necessarily recommend or agree with all the
TV shows. It is impossible to know for certain that they are all totally
acceptable. So please be discerning with your time and tv viewing!

PBS Listings can often be local and national
so please check your local listings!

TV Listings From Yahoo TV
All TV show times are in EST!

Monday July 4th, 2005:
Rebecca's Garden
- "Fourth of July" - HGTV, Mon Jul 04 07:00am EDT
TIPical Mary Ellen - "Fourth of July Activities" - HGTV, Mon Jul 04
08:00am EDT
Fireworks Across America - TRAV, Mon Jul 04 09:00am EDT
A Capitol Fourth - PBS, Mon Jul 04 08:00pm EDT
MSNBC Investigates - "Fireworks: Fast Burn" - MSNBC, Mon Jul 04
08:00pm EDT
Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular: The Light of Freedom - NBC, Mon Jul 04 09:00pm EDT
A Capitol Fourth - PBS, Mon Jul 04 09:30pm EDT
Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular 2005 - CBS, Mon Jul 04 10:00pm EDT

Tuesday July 5th, 2005:
MSNBC Investigates - "Fireworks: Fast Burn" - MSNBC, Tue Jul 05
12:00am EDT

Thursday July 7th, 2005:
Modern Marvels - "Fireworks" - HISTORY, Thu Jul 07 06:00am EDT

Check back again for current TV listings!

NOTE: Please realize that I do not necessarily agree with or endorse fully everything on the TV selections page. I have tried to be somewhat selective where possible in the listing of the shows and specials.

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