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This is a page that gives tips for the programs that Annie uses.
They are available free with Internet Explorer 4.0 & 5.0

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You can download Front Page Express at the link below:
FPEXPRESS.EXE - this is the one that I use but it is in FRENCH!
How To Install/Run  Microsoft Front Page Express from CDROM
3) NEW - 12/24/03 - "I tried the link you have listed on your page - the newest one,
dated 12/7, I believe.  It says that this copy is not for distribution and will not allow
you to download the software.   However, I did search and found a place where I
was able to download Front Page Express.  Maybe this will help someone else!
The link is"

Front Page Express (FPE)
Here are some tips and hints from Annie on how to make a page with FPE.
I have had no formal training. So these are only things that I do and have
learned. I am self taught. It is only by the GRACE of God that I can even use
my hands at all to make my pages. I do a lot of "copy and paste" which helps me.


How do I start?

Well I have moved the information that was on this page to a separate page.
When I first started my tips pages I never realized that they would be so
popular. For me doing a "how to" page seemed the best way to help others and
not have to do the work for others. I will add new pages as the need warrants.
This page will work as more of an index for all the tips pages now.
So if you are looking for the information that was on this page visit:
Annie's "Tips for Front Page Express - Getting Started" Page

If you have more ideas for tips pages please email me at with
your idea. I may not be able to answer all the email but will work on the relate
pages from your suggestions. If you have a tips page that I can add to the links
below or a related page then please email your page URL and the name of
the page and I will add that too.


NEW Feature at Annie's Home Page:
Now you can add a "Verse A Visit" to your page that I offer FREE.
You can change the colors of the box for each page you put it on. You can see it in PURPLE on my main page.
The one below is Aqua and Blue! With "center" and "vertical"!


");} //-->


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