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This is a page that gives tips for the programs that Annie uses.
They are available free with Internet Explorer 4.0 & 5.0

Front Page Express (FPE)
Here are some tips and hints from Annie on how to make a page with FPE. I have had no formal training. So these are only things that I do and have learned. I am self taught. It is only by the GRACE of God that I can even use my hands at all to make my pages.

This is one thing the has really HELPED me. COPY and PASTE. If you can't just right click and choose cut or copy and paste then you can use the keys "ctrl" and "c" this will copy then go where you want to put it and choose "ctrl" and "v".

just highlight (left click then hold it down and drag it to the right)
you highlight the section what you want to copy
then right click it and choose "copy"
then go to where you want to put or "paste" it
and right click and choose paste.

There you have it. You can even copy from other pages and paste on your own. But never copy copyrighted material without giving credit to the site or the author. I like to go to online Bible Study pages and save my hands from typing.


How do I start?

First remember that you don't need to WORRY about making mistakes or errors.
Just start by making a new page and experimenting. Open FPE. Go to "START"
then "Programs" then "Internet Explorer" then choose "FPE"

Now: Near the top of the page you will see a bar that has

File Edit View Go Insert Format Tools Table Window Help


If you choose this one you can make a new page.
Make sure
Normal Page is selected.
This will open a page that you have saved on your hard drive.
Save As
When you have a page that you like and want to save.
A box will come up:
Page Title: Choose the Title of the Page you are saving and type it in here
Page Location: I just ignore this and let it put what it wants
choose "As File"
In the next box that comes up in the "File Name Box"
You can name the page anything you would like. For the main page you
usually have your main page as
index.html for your other pages you can
choose. For example if the Page is about Flowers you may choose
Some people use
.htm and some use .html
As I understand is it better to use the .html and I don't really know why
Save All
Page Properties
Take some time and look around in this section.
Background Image : MAKE SURE when you choose an image or background
from another folder to list in your pages you can not leave the other
words before the .gif or .jpg
Choose the Background Image and then Browse. Then browse again. Now
find the folder that you have your graphics saved to my folder is
select your background. look at how it is listed newgraphics/background.gif
If you leave it this way the background will show for you but not for
some times it will look like this
Page Set Up
Print Preview
1 index.html
2 lastpage.html


How to add a Table to your page with Front Page Express?

I noticed in the view source from your pages that you use FrontPage
Express to do your site on.  I use it also, but have always wondered
how you do something on your pages.  If you find the time, could
you let me know how to do this.  I have included a page address
from your site so you will know what I am talking about.
You have a floral background, which I would love to use some of
those in my site as well, but don't know how you get the solid areas
on the pages with the colored borders on them in which you place all
your type so that it is written on a plain white background and easy
to be read.  Is this hard to do?  And also would it take too much
time to tell me how this is done. ~From Linda S.

1: At the top of the page in FPX (Front Page Express) you will see

File Edit View Go Insert Format Tools Table Window Help

2: Choose "Table"
3: Then choose "Insert Table"
4: NOW what will come up is this:



You have to choose: Rows (are the down or vertical ones)
and Columns (are the vertical or side ways).
On the one above I have chosen 2 Rows and 2 Columns.
NOTE: Remember to click on APPLY before OK

5: Layout..........................................................................


Alignment = Center (similar to the way you align images)
Border Size 6
Cell Padding 3
Cell Spacing 1

NOTE: RIGHT CLICKING just put the flashing line and then "right
click" and you make your own choices. You can get to "table
properties" that way. TRY it. Oh a CELL is if you have more then
one section in the table.That way you can have one side one color
and the other sides background a different color.

6.............Specify Width you can leave it or click and then choose
this width for the BIG table that I am writing in is 80 in percent.
7. Custom Background .................................................
Color or Image ( one you have saved to the folder with the page you
are working on) IF the background is not i the folder it will not show
to others. It will show to you because you have it on your own
computer. You can learn how to fix that further on down the page.
BUT the image must not have anything before it: background.gif
8.............Custom Colors for the border of the table.

Experiment with different colors. You can have them all alike or 3
different ones if you like.
This table has from top to bottom: red/blue/pink
I think that is all that you need.

NOTE: Make sure you take a NEW page and EXPERIMENT.
That way you CAN'T make a mistake. So just play around with it.
Hope this helps you.

OH you can put a graph in the table too:
click inside the table where you want the image
then go to "insert" at the top of the FPX and then "Image".
It is that simple but make sure the graphics you use
are in the folder before you do it.



I really liked your webpage, the valentine's day one.
 How do you get the text to scroll like that?  Thanks

Actually I use Front Page Express to make my pages to add the scrolling text:
I choose  "insert"  "html mark up"  

<p><font color="">
<MARQUEE WIDTH="90%" SCROLLDELAY="0" BEHAVIOR=LEFT><h3>"For God so Loved the World that he gave His only begotten Son. That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16 !!!</h4></MARQUEE>


HOW do I put text on the right and words on the right with it even and lined up?
Dear Sheri - Sorry I took so long to get back to you. Do you use the Front Page
program from the IE 4.0? If you do then I have tips on this page that is not
listed yet on my other pages. NOW if you go to the "insert Image" or right click
on the image you want to move.  Then you choose "Image Properties" then choose
at the top the one that says "appearance" now under layout it says "alignment"
open that box and choose "left" That should make it go to the left. BUT where
you put the graphic makes the difference of the place it goes. What I mean is if
you write a sentence and put the graphic before the sentence or even on the third
line. You can also single space the words by hitting shift then enter Also use that
to divide those words differently then just one line.  

Lets see if I can show you what I am talking about with the image and
where you put it. This one is lined up with "baseline"

  See how the words are
on the right of the
and for the first line
you can just add a blank
line or the shift enter option.  

Hope this helps. Love Annie


Question: Help my graphics don't show! How do you fix that?

If you are in FPE (Front Page Express) and you already have an html you are
working on
just click on a graphic now right click --- a box will come up
choose "image properties"

Make sure the tab on the top that is selected is "General" the white box at
the top will have a description of where the gif or jpg came from (what
delete or backspace any other words or letters except the name
of the graphic:
for example        file:graphics...picture.gif you should take
off every thing except.....( picture.gif)
now you can click ok and you are
if the graphic is in the same file as the html you are working in the picture
will show in front of you.
if not you will get a box or in the case of the background it will be white.
Remember to move the graphics into the folder using the windows explorer.
Now that you have done the gifs....time to do the background
Go to File
choose Page Properties Make sure the tab chosen at the top is "Background"
in the white box is the graphic you chose for your background do exactly
the same as above then make sure to save the file by going into the file/save
and you should be ready to upload the info when you are ready to do that.
I hope this helps and that I didn't make it too confusing.


Question: How do I make changes to my page?
Hi again, When you make a correction on one of your pages, do you take it from
your hard drive file, make the correction to the htm page, then upload the whole
page? That's what I'm doing & it works, but I just wondered if that was the
right way with Front Page. Thanks, Annie!
Dear Rita
When you make your changes you have to "upload" the page again.  It replaces
the old one.  Kind of link a magnet grabs the graphics for your page.  And
the new page overwrites or replaces the old one as long as it is the same
name IE/ index.html

Question: How to I put my Email Address on my Page?
Dear Rita - EMAIL on pages
Now when you have your page in the Front Page Express:
highlight the graphic or words that you want to make to send you email
Go to Insert
then choose "hyperlink"
make sure the tab on the top is "www"
now choose in the drop window "mail to"
now type in your address like mine would be
the line will have

when you link from one of your pages to another.........on  the
choose in the drop box "other" and only put your other page like  index.html
for a link to someone else's page choose "http:" instead of "other" and you
have to put the whole address like:
About the colors of links
Go to File
page properties
then make sure the tab at the top is "background"
now just choose your colors.
To check to see what a color is for a hyperlink, just highlight it and then
right click and choose font properties and see what the selection is
BUT if you switched them when you created the page you will need the color
to say "default"
Hope this makes sense.

How do I add music to my pages with Front Page Express:
Now about adding music.   Open your   pageyouwantthemusicon.html Then go to
File then Page Properties.   right on that box/pop up window see where is says
"background sound" click the "browse" button to find the musicyouwant.mid then
choose 1 or 4 times to repeat or the forever loop. Make sure you send the .mid
file to your sever (where your pages are).

Question about Search Engines:
Annie, Hi.  I wrote a page on the Resurrection... and it doesn't show up in the
search engines unless I work hard to get it there by entering lots of search
information.  I've noticed that your pages show up very often.  Could you please
tell me what method you are using to add your pages to the search engines?
Thank you.
Answer: Well you need to submit your page to the different search engines.
  It may take a while to have them listed though. Also when you submit them
then the spiders go through all the pages and they are in the search engines that
way. You can go to some of the places that "submit for free". I have a few
links on this page: My Make
page may be of help to you too: Also
put your address  in the search engine and it will tell
you where your pages are listed. You might also join some webrings too.
Exchanging links with others helps too. Hope that helps you!
Also Visit:
Annie's Search Page

TIP From Annie:
Sometimes instead of starting a new page what I do is go to the Windows Explorer then right click on a page and then copy it then paste it in a new folder. Then I rename it by right clicking so that way all the colors and stuff are already done and I don't have to change as much. After you rename it you can put it back in the same folder as the original page so the graphics will show.


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