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Current Featured Site:
4/19/02 - Ambassadors Of Christ is a NEW Christian Web Ring!
Kricket has this new webring for Christians to join! Here is her purpose for
this webring:
"This group has been set up for several reasons, one is to
Praise The Lord! Another is to share the good news of Jesus Christ with
everyone we can...."
Here is Kricket's Korner which is her main home page
for you to check out too!

Past Featured Site:
1/24/02 -
Hands on Homeschooling - if you do decide to purchase
their Christian Curriculum please let them know you found them
from Annie's Home Page

Past Featured Site:
The Testimony of Roni Bowers the Missionary Mother who was killed
recently holding her young daughter while in the Peru Plane Crash!
Don't miss this Amazing Testimony!!
This really blessed me.
Hope it blesses you too!!!
"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are
your ways my ways, saith the LORD."
~Isaiah 55:8~
Sometimes the Lord uses our lives. Sometimes He uses us through our
death to reach more people then we could ever imagine!!! This is the case
with Roni Bowers. She was used both in life and in her death as someone
who trusted in the Lord and served Him. Not everyone is able to see how
the Lord can and is using them to minister to others. But the Lord always
sees, knows and understands. One day we will meet Roni in Heaven.
What a joyful day that will be!!! Please pray for her family
and friends as the grieve their loss.

Past Featured Site:
Georgia's Kitchen Meal Planning And Shopping Tips - This is Georgia's
latest set of pages. You will find really practical and helpful information
on them. Everyone says that they wish they had someone to show you how
to things that they don't know how to do. Now you have someone. We
can always learn something new whether you are a novice or an expert
there is something for you on Georgia's new pages. This might be a good
page for home schoolers teaching Home Ec or you can use
the pages as a unit study.

Past Featured Site:
Hope in a House Divided - Whether you are in a home where you are
a believer and your husband is not or if you are separated or divorced
this is a great page to check out. If you have friends that need help
and encouragement in this area you might want to share this site with
them. A great resource and reference!

Past Featured Site:
Dating, Sexuality, Driving - A Time of Testing - A Christian page for
parents of Teenagers. Here is their main page:
Vowell Clan Homepage.
They also have a page about
Awana & Faith Evangelism

Past Featured Site:
Games and Activities to Enjoy!!!!!
A Kid's Heart is a great new resource. They have holiday pages with
games and activities. Clipart, screensavers, wallpaper and much more.
Their Bible Time page has Bible games and activities too. A must see!

Past Featured Site:
The Pastors Wife's Home Page - Georgia herself a Pastor's wife has used
that opportunity to reach out to others like herself on the internet and
minister to them with love and encouragement. Even if you aren't a
Pastor's wife you will still love her web pages. Don't forget
to send your Pastor's Wife to
Georgia's Haven of Rest!

Past Featured Site:
OWEG - Misty is a Screenwriter, author, speaker and creator of
'Ordinary Woman/Extraordinary God' and the very popular
OWEG Christian Journaling Workshops!

Past Featured Site:
Mommy's Biz - This page is a GREAT and EXTENSIVE resource for both
Mother's and those who are not Mothers. They have some WONDERFUL
graphics too. I was so blessed and pleasantly surprised with
a 5 Crayon Award in their Directory.

Past Featured Site:
Weekly Parenting Tip for Parents of Teenagers - This page was created
by another close friend Larinda. I don't have Teenagers myself. So I
don't really know how to cope but Larinda shares a weekly tip for parents
of Teenagers. So if you have teenagers stop by and visit with Larinda.

More Links for Ladies:
The Joy of Hospitality by Women Today International a part of
Campus Crusade for Christ International
Today's Christian Woman - Read the current issue of
their magazine on-line
Women Today & Christian Women Today Magazine
"T" Time for Mom's and Dad's (Tea and Tee)

HomeSchool and Kids Resources:
Beantown: Where Jesus is Lord
All God's Children - Coloring Book Pages
Focus on the Family now has their Club House Magazine Online for Kids
The Perkins Family has a wonderful Children's Bible Study page.
Home School Discount Store and make sure to check their sale items.
Mrs. Johnson's Second Grade Page
Homeschool Gazette
Children & Salvation a page by Sandy

Pokemon: Are your kids into Pokemon?
Are you curious about it from a Christian Perspective?
Harry Potter Books - Are they a good influence?
I have links about this here:
Annie's Christian News Page


Well the Lovely Christian Ladies are growing!

I just wanted to encourage all of you to join the following rings and
things. What a wonderful way to tell others we are "Christians" and
"Ladies". If some of you are new to the Internet let me explain this
"webring" thing to you. You don't have to join them to enjoy them either.
A webring has like minded sites linked together. The one below I have
listed on my main page: Annie's Home Page. You can click on the "List"
which will give you all the members in the ring. Or you can just keep
clicking "next" to follow the ring all the way around. Here are two links
for webrings sites: & Webring The Shape of Things to Come.
Make your own Webring or join some new ones! Check out
Christian & Life Rings. Of course all webrings should be
viewed with "WISDOM" and "DISCERNMENT".

Graphic & Holiday Webring Links:
Annie's Holiday Graphics -- Mixed & Others - has holiday & holiday
graphic webrings
Annie's Christian & Jewish Graphics Page - for Christian & Christian
Graphics Webring Links
Annie's Graphics Tips & Suggestions Spots - has Graphic Webrings Links
Annie's Holiday Webring Page - has holiday webrings that I belong to
To see a list of my other Webrings visit:
Annie's Webring's Page

The Email Encouragers are now working as a team to offer prayer,
comfort, friendship and guidance to those in need. If you are
interested in joining visit:
Annie's Email Encouragers Team Page.

Here is are some Webrings & Groups to consider:
Gospel Outreach Webring
Sisters in Christ Webring is one of Ty's creations. The purpose of Sisters
in Christ is to create a network for Christian women and to include quality
web sites owned by Christian women in one central location.
The Christian Panic Disorder Webring - Gill and Gitte started this webring
and it is a wonderful outreach and support group. Here is a quote from
this page: "We are looking for Christians who love the Lord Jesus Christ
and share this on their homepages. We'd like to invite other Christians
who encounter Panic Disorder, and have helpful information about it to join
in this Webring. We can share our resources with others and witness."
Be Still My Soul Webring
Promote God's Word Page they have a logo you can add to your site


If you need some encouragement PLEASE visit my:
Annie's Email Encourager Page

Don't be afraid to reach out to others. God has often used Email
Encouragers who I have never met to BLESS me in many ways and comfort
me too. Sometimes I think "Who but the Lord?" could have known that I
needed to read a scripture or word of encouragement right at that moment.

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