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Places to help with recovery --- P.A.T.H. - Post Abortion Trauma Healing

John Ankerberg's site has information about Astrologers
From the Nave's Topical Bible:
Baker's Evangelical Dictionary:
JVI Prophecy Dictionary: Page about Astrology

Boy Crazy:
Info from Focus on the Family -- "Teen girls are buying millions of "Boy Crazy"
trading cards. Is this a good trend? "

Celestine Prophesy:
Christian Answers for the New Age has this page about The Celestine Prophesy:
Looking at THE CELESTINE PROPHESY by James Redfield

Digimon - the Latest Fad from Japan info from Kjas Ministries

Dragon Z: - TV Review - Dragon Ball Z

Dungeons and Dragons:
Dungeons & Dragons: Are Fantasy Role-Playing Games Dangerous?
Dark Dungeons - A Chick Tract "Debbie thought playing Dungeons and Dragons
was fun...until it destroyed her friend......"

Hallowing Halloween
CT Classic: Is Halloween a Witches' Brew?
Christian Answers for the New Age has this page about Halloween
Annie's Halloween Welcome Page - A Christian Perspective on the holiday!

Harry Potter Books
Are they a good influence?
Harry Potter from Exposing Satanism
Author J.K Rowling says the idea that
Harry Potter promotes the occult is 'absurd'.
Catholic magazine says Potter books OK - Harry Potter, the young
wizard-in-training whose adventures top best-seller lists but have been
denounced by conservative religious groups, has won a vote of approval
from the Roman Catholic Opus Dei association.
Harry Potter Books Alarm UK Christian Educators
Harry Potter Tops List of Most Challenged Books - The list is a count of the
written complaints received by librarians throughout the year.
Christian Answers for the New Age has this page about
Looking at J.K. Rowling's HARRY POTTER series
Harry Potter Books from Catholics Q & A
Harry Potter in the "news" -
Schools warn of occultist Harry Potter
Check out
Connie Neal's Site she is the author of the book by the same
name as the article above. They have a
free bookmark/tract to witness
to Potter fans with.
Bewitched by Harry Potter from Worthy News
11/9/01 -
Bewitching 'Potter' Books Spells Challenge for Schools
11/16/01 -
Harry Potter and a very controversial field trip
Parents should see Harry Potter without the kids
11/17/01 -
Peggie's Harry Potter Page
12/7/01 - Barb's
Harry Potter - The Controversy - Christian Perspective
Let Harry Potter Conjure Up 'Gospel Magic,' Says Christian Magician - a different Christian perspective from the other side
7/16/05 -
Christian Bookstore Makes Headlines for Carrying Harry Potter Books
Pope disapproves of Harry Potter, letters suggest
German writer says pope expressed concern over Harry Potter

Holidays and Holy days ~ What every Christian should know about the
Easter bunny, eggs and the true meaning of EASTER. They have all
the other major holidays
Annie's Holiday Page all my holiday pages are listed here and are written
from a Christian perspective.

Lord of the Rings:
12/13/01 -
Tapping Tolkien to Teach Teens & A Hero by Any Name
Finding God in The Lord of the Rings all 3 articles from Focus on the Family
12/19/01 -
'Lord of the Rings' has Ring of the Christian Lord
"Lord Of The Rings" Based On Christian Beliefs?
1/27/02 -
Tolkien's Lord of the Rings- Truth, Myth or Both'?
Special Page
Lord of the Rings from

Martial Arts: offers: A Christian Response to Martial Arts

Meditation: offers: A Christian Response to Meditation

New Age:
What does God's Son, Jesus Christ, offer to New Agers looking for answers? The Bible has the answer for us.
New Age movement
Breakaway - Exposing New Age Nonsense
Christian Answers for the New Age has these pages about
Eastern roots of the New Age & New Age

Christian Answers for the New Age has this page about Occult

Ouija Board:
Should Christians Use the Ouija Board?
Christian Answers for the New Age has this page about Astrology

Prayer of Jabez:
Problems with 'The Prayer of Jabez
The 'Prayer of Jabez'- The New Christian Mantra - Bill Koenig

Piscean Jesus:
Christian Answers for the New Age has this page about Piscean Jesus:
Marcia Montenegro, former professional astrologer

Are your kids into Pokemon?
Are you curious about it from a Christian Perspective?
Visit these pages to see what it is all about:
Pokemon fills funding gap for Ontario school
Pokemon from Exposing Satanism
The Pokemon Movie-A review from Christian Answers Site:
Pokemon- The First Movie
Pokemon News from Kjas Ministries
Pokemon in the "News":
Emirates scholars issue Pokemon fatwa
Now Malaysia may ban Pokemon & UAE considering Pokemon ban
Pokémon from Focus on the Family

Power Rangers:
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers info from Kjas Ministries

Christian Answers for the New Age has these pages about Psychics

Many folks write to us concerning a technique called Reiki. Is it an innocent
practice? Does the manipulation of occult energy prove harmful to the patient?
Read what Dr. Ankerberg has to say about Reiki. offers: A Christian Response to

Edutainment- What Teletubbies Teach Toddlers info from Kjas Ministries

Tarot Cards:
What are Tarot Cards? Should Christians use them for personal amusement?

TV: -- Solid Answers Question -- 021 - "I'm concerned about the
violent content of some children's cartoon shows and the toys connected
with them. What's your point of view?"

Violent Video Games & Christian Alternative Products:
Video games geared toward Christian teens
Religious software covers wide range of faith
Christian Alternative:
Court halts Indiana's violent video game ruling
Christian computer game is a 'convert-em-up'

Witch Path Would You Choose?
From the Nave's Topical Bible:
Baker's Evangelical Dictionary:
Christian Answers for the New Age has this page about Witchcraft
Buffy and Sabrina 'behind increase in witchcraft'

is it OK to let the kids watch? Innocent fun right?
CBN info about
Pope's man turns pro-wrestler

Christian Answers for the New Age has this page about Yin-Yang

Christian Answers for the New Age has this page about Yoga offers: A Christian Response to Yoga
& Blaze Magazine Online offers:
What's in a "word"?
& The Lutheran Church offers: a page about


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