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NOTE: Please realize that I do not always agree with EVERY item on
ALL of these Christian Ladies pages. There are many different
denominations, teachings and theology. So often as Christians we need
to "agree to disagree" on some things but MOST important I BELEIVE
in Salvation by GRACE ALONE.


Lovely Christian Home School Ladies

A Woman's Place - Has helpful info. on ADHD & GIFTED kids.
Academy 252 Home Schooling
Angie's Attic
Christian Home 2 Learn Website
Christian Links for Kids & Teens
Diana Waring - Author has a great Home School Newsletter Online
God's Littlest School
Hands on Homeschooling - tell them Annie sent you!
Heavenly's Place
High Hopes Academy
House2House Ministries - Your Home for Christian Education
Homeschool Gazette
Homeschool Now
"Homeschooing Through Adversity"
Hughes Family - The Hughes site above has information on parenting
Down Syndrome kids.
Jen's Home Page
JustaMom's Family
Larry and Heather's Home Page
Lisa's Homepage featuring Kid's site of the Week, Great Recipes,
Homeschool, Graphics and More
Little Lambs School at Home
Micki's Web Site
My Tin Cottage
Pamm's House
Peggie's Place
Preciousdays' Place
Sheramom's Hall
Sing 4 The Lord
The Barkhaus Homepage
The Recycle Bin
The Rogers' Family
"T" Time for Mom's and Dad's (Tea and Tee)
Traci's Cottage
Trish's Home Page
We're Allgood with God
Within The Ark Ministries


Annie's Home School Corner

Many Christian HomeSchool families are using my holiday pages
as Unit Studies. You can find them here:
Annie's Holiday Page

My friend Leah has a great page to share with your friends who have
children with ADHD:
Diary of an ADHD Mom & for the rest of her
related pages visit
House2House Parenting Resources Page. Don't miss
The Master Teacher which has devotionals to enjoy.

How Do I Home School?
My friend Denice has a new page called:
How Do I Homeschool?. She
also has this page you will enjoy:
Homeschooling Through Adversity & Homeschool Gazette

Harry Potter:
For links on Harry Potter and other related topics visit:
Annie's Christian News Page.

Games and Activities to Enjoy
A Kid's Heart is a great new resource. They have holiday pages with
games and activities. Clipart, screensavers, wallpaper and much more.
Their Bible Time page has Bible games and activities too. A must see!
Bianca's Bible Puzzle Page

Helpful Teacher's Page
Mrs. Johnson's Second Grade Page
Annie's Research Links Page

For Teaching the Kids about Jesus:


Other Related Pages by Annie
Annie's More Lovely Christian Ladies Page This is the main page for the
Lovely Christian Ladies where you should come back to on a regular
basis for features and resources.
Annie's Back to School Page - has info on pencils and what the Bible says
about learning to name just a few items covered.


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