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"The joy of the Lord is my strength."
~Nehemiah 8:10~

August Calendars to Print & Use:
Calendar Pages from
Graphic Garden (this is the one that I use)
A calendar to print out and use from Sheryl's Original Graphics
Monthly Activity Calendars
Family Crafts at has a
Special Days Page
Homeschooling at has
Funday Calendar
Month to Month from
You can find more related links on my:
Annie's "Holiday Fun & Free Stuff" Page

The Month of August is:
American Artist Appreciation Month! Visit:
Artists & Art History Lessons
Romance Awareness Month
Golf Month
Hug Month
Smile Month
National Inventors Month
Send a
Flower Of The Month Greeting for August! The Flower for August is Gladiolus.

August Monthly Adoptions for Web Pages:
Flower Gals by Month from Lavender Garden Graphics (in the graphics area)
Caleb's Country Corner - has birthstone cuties to adopt!
Monthly Lil' Pigs from can be
Adopted at Lil' Pixels

August Calendar Graphics for Web Page:
Annie's "Sample of Annie's Desktop for August" Page

Free August Cards for all Occasions:
Send a card to let someone know what special things are celebrated in August:
Send a FREE
Birthday Greeting or an Anniversary card for your own special occasions!
All Cards are FREE from
Annie's Card Shop and you can postdated.
I have lots of other great August Holiday Related Cards on my:
Annie's August Cards Page!

Annie's August Holiday Pages:
For all my related August Holiday pages visit:
Annie's August Holidays Page

Other August Ideas & Stuff Can be Found on these Pages:
Summer continues and offers lots of fun stuff to enjoy!!
Annie's September Holiday Page & Annie's "September Fun & Free Stuff" Page
Annie's "Praying Mantis & Me" Page

Summer Food Links:
Homemade Ice Cream
Watermelon Arts and Crafts & Watermelon Cake
Fun Fruit Shakes
Popsicles for Pennies
Ice Cream In A Baggie
Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Cook
Ice Cream Volcano from FamilyFun & Cute Ice Cream Craft
Ants on a Log Recipe & Sizzlin’ Summer Recipes

Summer Safety & More Links:
Summer Safety & Sanity for Families On the Go
Sane Summer Schedules
Scheduling Your Summer
Don't forget to protect your eyes and wear sunglasses!
Beaded Sunglasses Strap will make your safety fashionable this season!

Camping & Summer Camp Links:
Camping Breakfasts
Camp Journal
Recipes for Camping
Home Sweet Homepage Graphics has a cute linkware Camping Page Set
All my Summer related pages can be found on my:
Annie's Summer Welcome Page

Family Photos & Family Album Links:

Creating a Family Album
Worry-Free Photo Frames
A Waste Not Picture Frame
Bubble Frame
Summer Keepsake Scrapbook
Postcards can make Instant Memories:
Picture Postcards & Swirl Postcards
Print and Send some seasonal or holiday cards to a friend or even yourself!
Graphic Garden has a cute Summer Card in the Printables section!

Vacation & Traveling Links:
Creating a Travel Journal for Kids
Denim Diary for Girls
Summer Vacation Poem
Family Vacation Ideas
Ideas for the At-Home Vacation
Car Travel Activity Book Craft & Vacation Memory Book

Back to School Links & Annie's Pages:
Children start school at different times of year through out the world!
I have some links on my
September "Fun & Free Stuff" Page for you to check out!.
I always remember
September as back to school time!
Annie's "Back to School Welcome" Page - lists all my Back to School related pages
This graphic is from The Recycle Bin Graphics!
Hurricane Season Continues!
Hurricane Season Begins July 1st and ends November 30th
Annie's Hurricane Page & Annie's Hurricane & Weather Links Page
Rain Sticks Craft from
Today's Weather Fact & Hurricane Season from
Ask Ann- Rainy Day Crafts

Email Sig Tags:
Why not add a new Sig Tag to your email for Summer?
Don't know what Sig Tags are?
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Annie's "Sig Tag" Page - learn how to add a sig tag to your email
Annie's "Summer Sig Tags" Page

Free Email Cards:
Send someone a FREE Email Greeting Card
Annie's Card Shop
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Annie's August Cards Page

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Jakes "August Word Puzzle Online" Page
Annie's August Holidays Page & Annie's "September Fun & Free Stuff" Page

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