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Make sure you have all your valuables ready
to go if you need to evacuate!!!!!

Weather Links

USA Today - Weather
The Weather Channel - You can personalize your own page here too.
AccuWeather - Put in your zip code for your local weather.
Live Weather Images

E-MAIL UPDATES: I signed up for this mailing list last hurricane season. I thought you might want to also. To subscribe or remove yourself from the hurricane mailing list at any time, go to

This free service is provided as a source for tracking the progress of
tropical storms and hurricanes. It should not be used in place of local
safety instructions and warning information.

Now you can have the weather for your own home town right on your home page. Well I guess it depends where you live, because my little town isn't listed..... Bartow is "just down the road a piece.".

Click the banner below and see what the weather is like where Annie lives:

Click for Bartow, Florida Forecast

For your own Free Wunder Graphics For Your Homepage!
Click on the banner above to add the weather to your home page too.

Hurricane season starts June 1st each year and ends November 30th.

CNN Special- Storm center: Get the latest updates from CNN on hurricanes threatening the U.S. coastline. Sign up for Storm Watch email!

Related Hurricane Sites:

Do you know your evacuation route?
Do you have all your important papers & treasures ready
to go at any moment?

Why not do a search about your own state or country?
Here is a search engine right on the page for you:

[ Yahoo! ] options

How will you be preparing?
Hurricane season is not over until November.

Do you know where your IMPORTANT paperwork is?
Do you have amble supplies for a Hurricane?
Do you have a Disaster Supplies Kit?
Do you have an Emergency Preparedness Checklist?
Do you know where your local
"Red Cross" is?

CNN 24 hour news channel.
Local Storm Team 8 - Tampa Bay -

Sometimes with Hurricanes and all the tumultous weather
Tornadoes are also spawned. SO......

  • MSNBC - up-to-the-minute news from around the nation and all over the globe.
  • - in addition to the reporting by our own journalists, we will also bring ABC anchors and correspondents to your desktop.
  • NBC
  • Fox News - 24 hour updated news and information.
  • Miami's SUN-SENTINAL
  • "The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble;
    and he knoweth them that trust in him."
    ~Nahum 1:7~

    Hurricane Links:
    Check out this
    Macromedia Interactive Tracking Map from Miani's
    Sun Sentinal
    FEMA's Disaster Kid's Pages - They have one on Hurricanes to name
    just one. You will find
    games and other "fun" things to help you explain
    things to the kids. Don't Miss this game:
    Hurricane House

    Learn2 Tell the Distance of a Thunderstorm

    Do you have a prayer request?
    Annie's Email Encourager's Prayer Page

    Need Comfort?
    Annie's Comfort Page find comfort from the Word of God.


    Keep Current on the Hurricane News!

    Florida Newspapers Online:
    Miami Herald
    Naples Daily News
    Orlando Sentinel- Eye of the Storm
    Sun-Sentinel- Hurricane Central

    For Current Daily News visit:
    Annie's Breaking News Page

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