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"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat,
and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."

~Genesis 8:22~

Summer is about half-way through.
birds will soon fly south for the winter.
The children will go "
Back to School".
Families will take that last weekend get away before the cold sets in.

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What's happening in August?

Activities. August is a great month for camping. Find out the safe way to build a campfire?
A trip to the circus is always fun. Did you know that one famous performer from the mid-1900's
could balance on top of a pole on one finger? Planning a vacation in the United States or Canada?
Each state and province article contains a special Visitor's guide that highlights annual events
and interesting places to visit.

Sports. In many areas, the hot, sweltering days of August send people flocking to swimming pools.
Do you enjoy the challenge of diving?

Dry August and warm
Doth harvest no harm.
Source: Thomas Tusser


Safety. Going on a picnic? Have fun, but beware of poison ivy! Before you go, why not look up POISON IVY so you'll know what to look out for and what to do if you come into contact with some.

Spotlight on "Distance" Do you know how far it is from your hometown to where you're going for vacation?
All you need is your starting and ending locations. Plot them on both a globe and a flat map and
that will give you the actual distance. Why not try it out?

August is the eighth month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar, which is used in almost all
the world today. The Romans called the month Sextilis, which means sixth. They later renamed it in
honor of the emperor Augustus. During Augustus' reign, the Roman Senate lengthened the month
to 31 days by taking a day from February.

In the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere, August is the height of summer. The longest days
of the year are past, but August is apt to be one of the hottest months. In far northern regions
and high mountain areas, chilly nights and frosts warn that summer is nearly at an end.
In the Southern Hemisphere, August signals that winter will soon be over.

Activities. Goldenrod, wild asters, and other tall-growing flowers of late summer brighten the fields
in August. The insects of fields and woods are noisier and more numerous than in other months. Some
birds are already preparing to fly south. Vacation spots enjoy some of their biggest business during
August. Travelers in other countries usually begin to turn homeward in August.

Special days. Colorado celebrates its admission to the Union on August 1. Vermont commemorates the
Battle of Bennington, an important Revolutionary War battle, on August 16. Bolivia, Ecuador, India,
and Switzerland celebrate national independence days in August.
August symbols. The special flowers of August are the poppy and the gladiolus.
The gems of August are the sardonyx and the peridot.

August Quotations

All the long August afternoon,
The little drowsy stream
Whispers a melancholy tune
As if it dreamed of June,
And whispered in its dream.
Source: William Dean Howells

The brilliant poppy flaunts her head
Amidst the ripening grain,
And adds her voice to swell the song
That August's here again.
Source: Winslow

In the first drowsy heat of August noon
Comes the plumed goldenrod with flaunting train,
And lifts her yellow head along the way.

Source: Judd

If the twenty-fourth of August
be fair and clear,
Then hope for a prosperous Autumn that year.
Source: John Ray,
English Proverbs


August 2011

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
National Friendship Day (Friendship Day Card) & Switzerland- Confederation Day or National Day & Sisters Day and Cards for Sister & Girlfriend's Day
Colorado Day
Halfway Point of Summer
Send an Email Day
Missouri became a state 1821.
Son's and Daughter's Day &
Romance Day
Thank You Day
Independence Day (Pakistan)
Assumption Day &
India Independence Day
Bennington Battle Day in Vermont &
Tell a Joke Day & True Love Forever Day
Summer Continues!
National Aviation Day & Orville Wright's Birthday
Hawaii's Admission Day &
Sr Citizens Day & Friendship Week is August 21st - 27th, 2011
Be an Angel Day

Hug Your Sweetheart Day
24 25
Kiss & Make Up Day
Women's Equality Day
Lyndon B. Johnson's Birthday & Just Because Day
Romance Awareness Month
Hug Month

August Flowers

Smile Month

August is Home Business Month

AUGUST Holidays
10th - Missouri became a state on August 10, 1821. The 24th state to
join the Union
14th Victory Day (V-J Day). Rhode Island,
Japan surrendered (United States time),
ending World War II, 1945.
14th Liberty Tree Day. Massachusetts.
20th (the day after the Feast of the
Assumption of the Virgin Mary).
16th Battle of Bennington Day. Vermont.
Green Mountain Boys defeated British, 1777.
19th National Aviation Day. Anniversary of
Orville Wright's birthday (1871).
26th Susan B. Anthony Day. Massachusetts.
and Women's Equality Day (August 26).
26th Women's Equality Day. Celebrates
anniversary (1920)of Constitutional
amendment granting women the right
to vote. Formerly Woman Suffrage Day.
27th Lyndon B. Johnson's Birthday (1908). Texas .
30th Huey P. Long Day. Louisiana.
--. Colorado Day. Colorado. First Monday in August. Admitted to Union, Aug. 1, 1876.
Excerpted from Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia .

Famous August Birthdays
1st ~ (1744) Jean Baptiste de Lamarck
(1815) Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
(1819) Herman Melville

2nd ~ (1754) Pierre Charles L'Enfant
(1820) John Tyndall

3rd ~ (1872) Haakon VII of Norway
(1887) Rupert Brooke
(1900) Ernie Pyle

4th ~ (1792) Percy Bysshe Shelley
(1839) Walter Pater
(1859) Knut Hamsun

5th ~ (1850) Guy de Maupassant
(1889) Conrad Aiken

6th ~ (1809) Alfred, Lord Tennyson
(1820) Lord Strathcona

7th ~ (1904) Ralph Bunche

8th ~ (1819) Charles Anderson Dana
(1884) Sara Teasdale
(1901) Ernest O. Lawrence

9th ~ (1593) Izaak Walton
(1631) John Dryden
(1776) Amadeo Avogadro

10th ~ (1810) Count di Cavour
(1874) Herbert Hoover

11th ~ (1833) Robert G. Ingersoll

12th ~ (1774) Robert Southey
(1859) Katharine Lee Bates
(1862) Julius Rosenwald
(1880) Christy Mathewson
(1882) George W. Bellows

14th ~ (1860) Ernest Thompson Seton
(1867) John Galsworthy

15th ~ (1769) Napoleon Bonaparte
(1771) Sir Walter Scott
(1785) Thomas De Quincey
(1879) Ethel Barrymore
(1883) Ivan Mestrovic
(1887) Edna Ferber
(1888) T.E. Lawrence

17th ~ (1786) David Crockett

18th ~ (1774) Meriwether Lewis
(1830) Francis Joseph I of Austria

19th ~ (1856) John Cotton Dana
(1870) Bernard Baruch
(1871) Orville Wright
(1878) Manuel Quezon
(1893) Alfred Lunt
(1902) Ogden Nash

20th ~ (1778) Bernardo O'Higgins
(1818) Emily Bronte
(1833) Benjamin Harrison
(1873) Eliel Saarinen
(1910) Eero Saarinen

22nd ~ (1862) Claude Debussy

23rd ~ (1754) Louis XVI of France

24th ~ (1591) Robert Herrick
(1769) Georges Cuvier

25th ~ (1530) Ivan IV, the Terrible, of Russia
(1836) Bret Harte

26th ~ (1743) Antoine Lavoisier
(1873) Lee De Forest

27th ~ (1770) Georg Hegel
(1871) Theodore Dreiser
(1908) Lyndon B. Johnson

28th ~ (1749) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(1828 ) Leo Tolstoi
(1833) Sir Edward Burne-Jones

29th ~ (1632) John Locke
(1809) Oliver Wendell Holmes (author)
(1862) Maurice Maeterlinck

30th ~ (1871) Ernest, Lord Rutherford
30 (1901) Roy Wilkins

31st ~ (1811) Theophile Gautier
(1821) Hermann von Helmholtz
(1870) Maria Montessori
(1880) Wilhelmina, queen of the Netherlands
(1908) William Saroyan

~Information in this table was Excerpted
from Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia.

Holidays Around the World
HONG KONG ~ Aug. 17 Sino-Japanese War Victory Day
INDONESIA ~ Aug. 17 Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia
MALAYSIA ~ Aug. 31 National Day
PHILIPPINES ~ Aug. 30 National Heroes Day
SINGAPORE ~ Aug. 09 National Day
THAILAND ~ Aug. 12 H.M. the Queen's Birthday
UNITED KINGDOM ~ Aug. 03 Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland & Rebublic of Ireland) and Aug. 31 Late Summer Bank Holiday

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Children will be preparing for going "
Back to School". Of course every school is different.
Some Children are Home Schooled by their families. Here is a page with some Lovely
Christians Ladies who Home School their children:
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