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"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman
that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly
dividing the word of truth"
~2 Timothy 2:15~

September Calendars to Print & Use:
A calendar to print out and use from Sheryl's Original Graphics
Calendar pages from Graphic Garden (this is the one that I use)
The Graphics Cupboard - has Desktop Wallpaper & Calendars to print out
Printable Calendars from Strawberryfields has
Calendars to print, color and use.
Activity Calendar for September from EnchantedLearning.Com
Family Crafts at has a
Free, Printable Calendars & Special Days Page
Homeschooling at has
Holiday Central with calendars and lots of other stuff!
Annie's "Month of September" Page for a listing of all my September pages

September is:
Children's Good Manners Month & National Chicken Month
September is Baby Safety Month &
Library Card Sign-Up Month
National School Bus Safety Week & National Farm Safety Week are in September
September is
Classical Music Month & Honey Month (card links)
For all my September Holiday pages visit:
Annie's September Holiday Page

Special September Birthdays:
My friend Leah's Birthday is September 22nd
& My son
Jake's Birthday is September 25th.
Just found out that my friend
Laney has a birthday in September too. On the 21st.
Send them a FREE
Birthday Greeting From Annie's Card Shop and post date them.

Kids Links:
Bible Crafts - links from Family Crafts at
Michael's Baseball Zone
Hole in The Pond Adventures from my friend Vickie at Paver's Nest --
Activities & Crafts Page
Stop by
Jake's Monthly Puzzle Page and then print out Jake's September Puzzle.
Visit my
Annie's Kid's Holiday Page for a listing of all my Kid's Holiday Pages

School Related Fun Stuff:
Back to School Time is Late August & Early September
Reading is fun bookmark to print and use!!
Stationery to print from Graphic Garden
Note from Teacher & Pencil Topper
Stationery to print out and write your letters with
Back to School Labels & Stationery for you to Print from
Miss Price's Graphics
Make a
Back-to-School Book from
Back to School Lunch Ideas & Tips from
Georgia's Kitchen
Visit my Back to School Pages:
Annie's Back to School Page
Annie's "Back to School" Bible Page & Annie's "Back to School" Symbols Page
Annie's "Back to School Links" Page
Send a
Top Grade Teacher ! email greeting card to your favorite teacher!

Apple Harvest Stuff:
Apples and spice bookmark
Apple Screensaver from
Sheryl's Originals Screensavers!
Apple Crafts Project Guide Picks Page from Family Crafts at

Fall Harvest Stuff:
The First Day of Fall this year is September 22nd, 2010
Stationery to print from Graphic Garden
Build a Jack-O-Lantern
Coloring pages for the little ones
Add Falling
Autumn leaves to your web page
The Weather Channel offers Fall Foliage & Scenic Drive of the Month!
Don't forget to visit my Fall Pages:
Annie's Fall Harvest Welcome Page
Annie's Fall Signs & Symbols Page & Annie's Fall Fun Kids Page
Annie's Fall Links Page & Annie's "What does the Bible say about Fall?" Page
Send a friend a
Fall Greeting Card! & Autumn Fun Card too!!

Birds will be heading south along with the Snow Birds:
Birdhouse bookmark
Check out this
Birds page and also Bird Jokes
Stationery to print out and write your letters with
Bird Day is September 28th! Visit:
Annie's Bird Page
Send a
Bird email greeting card today!

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