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"The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble;
and he knoweth them that trust in Him."
~Nahum 1:7~

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Annie's Thoughts about Remembering September 11th......

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One way to show your support for our troops is to proudly fly the American Flag!!!
American flag wallpaper from The Orlando Sentinel
DeskFlag is a free download. It puts a flag in the lower right corner
of your browser while you are working on the computer.
Amie's Country Graphics has a page with Flags for you to print & use
Print U.S. flags - they have a great wallpaper selection too!
Annie's Flag Day Page for related American & Flag links
Check out my son Jake's Personalized Flag Adoption at his:
Jake's "Adoption for You" Page
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Annie's Write the Troops Page

What is a Christian and how can I become one?
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Please be in Prayer for Our Brave Men and Women who serve our Country!!!
Military Related Pages:
Annie's Military Related Pages can be found on:
Annie's Flag Day Page
Please pray for all of the men and women that serve our country in the
armed forces!!!
My friend
Wendy has a son in the service. Please pray for him. This is an
opportunity that she is using to reach out to others in the same situation and share her
faith and prayers with them. She has just added a NEW
message board for Military
Moms. Please stop by and pray and support our Military Moms.
We Will Remember by A Paratrooper
News Item:
Operation Network Military Mom Offers Support
This is the related NEW site for the above article:
I have many military related pages and they are listed on my
Annie's Flag Day Page.

Christian Tribute & Related Pages:
As We Remember & America's 911 - from House2House Ministries
Another new page from House2House:
Recipe for Healing
911 Memorial Page from my friend The Seest Family - they are a Navy Family
Tragedy of a Lifetime - A Christian Response from Peggie at Peggie's Place
"I'll Never Forget That Day" - from PSALMS Ministry
Nancy's Attack on America Page
A Tribute from Christian Moms
Twin Towers Memorial
God Bless America
God Bless America! Page
Misty's had 2 helpful pages:
The Mountain Top Page & The Battle Rages Page
United We Stand America Memorial Page by Nell
A message from Rest Ministries about Sept. 11's tragedy in the U.S. of A. & A Prayer
Lest we Forget September 11th, 2001
Glory Song has some great
Desktop Images
God Allows U-Turns - Tragedy to Triumph
Barb from
Barb's Entourage has some new pages: My American Flag
Letter To A Terrorist & Patriotism Is Alive in America! & The Day America Cried
911 Memorial from Our All in All
United America from Diane
The Paver's Nest has a Devotional at the Treasure Hunter called:
"In Life's Trials we can find life's treasures." Do you have Attitude or Gratitude?
As We Remember September 11th
Is This Normal? & 9-11-01 Memorial pages from ~Grusofsky's Grove~
In Memory Of September 11, 2001 - Pictorial Tribute
9_11_01 - A Tribute Page from The Hagle Family
"A Nation in Shock" - A Sermon by Pastor Sawhook
America Page from Simply Jesus
America in Our Hearts by Julia
Where is God in the Midst of Tragedy? from Campus Crusade
for Christ
A Place of Refuge has a special page called:
"September 11th 2001 - Can't Cry Hard Enough"
Trish's 911 Tribute Page
Attack on America by Marvelicious
America Mourns & American Women - 2 new pages by Patti
God Bless America by Jackie
Nicole's Memorial Page
My September 11, 2001 Tribute To America
America- Land of the Free - another new page from Barb
"Real Heroes Live Among Us!" a new page from Melinda at her new site called: Just Give Me Jesus Without The Junk!

This image is from Honey Brook Graphics.  Click here to see more images available!
Sites to Help you do some practical things to help:
Crochet Pins of Hope from Country Crochet
A Child's Memory Pillow project for Needleworkers to help
Amie's Country Graphics has a page with Flags for you to print & use
FEMA has a page about: How to Help: Key Voluntary Agencies Accepting Donations
Treats for Heroes- Deliver goodies in person & Comfort Food- Feeding people with love
Paint the US Flag Online at
Kat's Mouse! She also offers Tribute Cards you might want to check them out too.

Click here to send a free message of Compassion
Special Cards of Compassion:
Vermont Teddy Bear Company is donating Angel Bears, Police Bears and Firefighter Bears to all the families and children of the courageous firefighters, police officers, and rescue workers who lost their lives saving others. They would like each of the 500 bears to come with personal messages from all of you from all over the country. There is no charge for this service. All messages will be printed and will accompany the bears. They invite you to share your love and strength -- and let them know that we will never, ever forget our heroes. Click here to send your Cards of Compassion and personal message to the families of the firefighters, rescue workers and police officers who gave their lives to save others in the tragic events of September 11th.

Oct 12th at 2:00PM there was a Synchronized saying of The Pledge of
Allegiance for all school children and the nation. Source: Ari Fleischer's White
Press Briefing. Visit my: Annie's "Pledge of Allegiance" Page

Christian Sites for and by Kids:
Kids Pray is a page by a kid for kids
The Innocence of Children - Perspectives of Children of the events of Sept. 11th, 2001
What Do You Tell Your Kids? & Helping Kids Through a National Crisis
Information on Helping Children Understand the Terrorist Attacks
Helping a Child Manage Fears After a Traumatic Event
Children's Sept 11th Page

Large Christian Internet Ministry Tribute & Tragedy Pages:
Helping Children Cope With America's Great Tragedy from Focus on the Family
Jack Van Impe Ministries has
Prophecy News Updates Daily

Pictorial Tribute & Memorial Quilt Sites:
Memorial Quilt Page from ~Grusofsky's Grove~
Memorial Quilt Page from Treasures by Toni
World Trade Center Tribute recommended by Georgia
American flag wallpaper from The Orlando Sentinel

Christian Death, Grieving and Mourning Pages:
Focus on the Family has a page on
Death and Grieving
Laura Bush's letter to children about Sept. 11 attacks
CMDA FREE Psychiatric Support Services for Victims of Terrorism
Christian Medical Group Takes Grief Counseling Online

Grief & Practical Help Related Pages:
Expert Advice- How to Cope
ABC Links:
Grieving Kids & How to Help & Mourning the Loss
Illness in Times of Stress & Kids Try to Cope

Prayer Sites
Do you have a prayer request?
Annie's Email Encouragers Daily Prayer Mailing send prayer requests to Lisa.
Barb has a helpful page:
How to Pray Page
Debra's Prayer Page
JVIM has a
prayer section
My friend Melinda from Don't Faint Ministries has a
Prayer Request Page
Georgia of
The Pastor's Wife Page has a Prayer Book where you can leave prayer requests
Pray for America Page - has prayer suggestions
I have more prayer pages & sites listed on my EE Prayer Page

You can start your own FREE Prayer Book or Web Page!!!
You don't need to know html either!
Build your HomewithGod with 50 megs of FREE web space! and start your own
Internet Ministry. This is the time to use your gifts and talents to encourage others.

Related Webring Sites about the Tragedy:
The links below go to this list of sites links.
United We Stand Webring that joins sites about the tragedy
America Weeps Webring
God Bless America and her Friends Webring
God Bless the USA Webring
The Tribute for America SiteRing
The Remember SiteRing
Our Spirit Will Not Be Broken
Black Tuesday Memorial
American Tragedy

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If you are looking for Patriotic, Military & 911 Tribute Graphics
Annie's "Patriotic & Memorial Remembrance Graphic Links" Page

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Pages to Comfort & Encourage by Annie:
You can see all my related pages on
Annie's "List of American Patriotic & Sept 11th Tragedy Pages" Page
Graphics links are on:
Annie's "Patriotic & Memorial Remembrance Graphic Links" Page
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Annie's Write the Troops Page
Annie's Thoughts about Remembering September 11th......

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