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~Flag day is celebrated on June 14th~


Flag Day USA by Jeanne
Cat Woman's Flag Day Page
Dick Grogan's Unofficial American Flag Page
Cyber Grandma's Flag Day Page
Happy Flag Day from The 4 Seests in Paradise
Barb's Flag Day in America Page

American Heart Wreath
Here are Some Flag Day and Flag Related Links:
Learn how to fold the Flag
Flag Etiquette
The Flag of the USA
History of the American Flag
Meaning of the Colors in the Flag
Proportions of the Flag
U.S. Code on Respect for Flag
The Story of "Old Glory"
Poems of Patriotism
The History Of Flag Day
Learn2 Fold an American Flag
Annie's "Pledge of Allegiance" Page - Here is how they describe their site:
"American flags -- On this site you will find the flags of the
world listed alphabetically. You can also view many different
styles of flag poles and other flag memorabilia."

Here are some related links:
US Flag Code (36 US Code 10)
Pay a visit to
the White House
US Army Page~
The Betsy Ross Home Page
Betsy Ross Flag Puzzle
Printable Flags from American Pride - they also have
Patriotic Graphics and lots more
America The Beautiful - graphic intense tribute
American flag wallpaper from The Orlando Sentinel
DeskFlag is a free download. It puts a flag in the lower right
corner of your browser while you are working on the computer.
Amie's Country Graphics has a page with Flags for you
to print and use

The United States Senate Home Page.
The United States
House of Representatives Home Page
The United States
Federal Judiciary Home Page

Read the Constitution of the United States
Library of Congress
Read the text of the
Declaration of Independence
Read about our National Symbol, the
American Bald Eagle
Here are the words to
the National Anthem

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Annie's Memorial Day Page
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