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NOW we will have Randomly Selected EE Pages instead of one featured monthly EE. I have added this to almost all of the EE pages. Just follow on down the page for the Random EE Button for you to enjoy.

Here is the Featured Email Encourager
~For the month of

I have decided to do a Random Selected EE Link. This way all the different EE pages will be visited. It would have been hard and taken for ever to feature all the EE's.

Featured Email Encourager
~For the month of

Leah is our "
EE Helper - for Logos & Home Pages" and has been an EE for quite a while now.   So if you need help with adding the logo to your web page just check with Leah.  She is a homeschooling mom of an ADHD child and a trained christian educator.  House2House Ministries is designed to  provide resources and training to assist families and small groups to understand, teach, and apply the Word of God to every day life.  It is the home of Praying Moms prayer group for women. Make sure you read Leah's EE Paragraph.

You can also find the featured EE on my main page!

Featured Email Encourager
~For the month of

Kathy has been an EE for quite a while. She has a burden to share the "Good News of the Gospel" with others through the Internet. Here is her page:
Kathy's Place. Make sure you read Kathy's EE Paragraph. Kathy is also co founder of In the Twinkling of an Eye.

Featured Email Encourager
~For the Month of

Fern has been an EE for quite a while. She has a personal ministry to those
suffering with Chronic Illness as well as being one of the EE's. So if you
yourself are dealing with health problems or know someone who is then
please share Fern's ministry with them. Here is her page:
The Refiner's Fire. Make sure you read Fern's EE Paragraph.

Featured Email Encourager
~For the Month of

Becky Taylor has been an EE for quite a while now. She has a personal burden to see a Bible in the hands of every one that wants one. So if you yourself would like a Bible or know of someone that wants one please share Becky's ministry with them. Here is her page about the FREE Bibles: Life after Death. Just send her an email and she will send you a Bible. Make sure you read Becky's EE Paragraph and don't forget to check out her Lamb's Grafix page.

~Featured EE's for the Month of September ~

Peter and Vikki Hart have not been EE's long but they are our first "EE Couple". They are from Australia. We all know that is where the Olympics will be starting this Friday. They will be attending the games and taking part in the wonderful evangelism opportunity that the Lord has provided for them. Please pray for them as you watch the Olympics. Pray for the Lord to open hearts and doors while arranging divine appointments. Make sure you read their EE Paragraph.

~Featured EE for the Month of August~

This month is Pat Davila. We are all so proud of you Pat. Keep on praying for and encouraging others on the internet. I am so glad that you are listening to the still small voice of the Lord that is prompting you to help others in your own special and unique way.

Featured Email Encourager
~For the Month of

Pat Davila has been an EE for quite a while now. She was recently featured in a newspaper article! Read about how Pat is impacting Brazil with the love of the Lord and How Can You Help?. It all started by an email prayer request that she replied to. For the rest of the story visit: Pat's Brazil Page.

If you have an EE that you feel I should feature please send me their name and URL so that I can check it out. If you can also share why the Lord has placed them on your heart it would be greatly appreciated. Just send the info to
Love Annie

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