EE "Support & Encouragement" Helpers

When and if you need some support and encouragement yourselves you don't have to worry. Now you have a place to go. You are more then welcome to contact one or all of the EE "S & E" Helpers listed below.

They are here to be of help to you in any way that they can.

Whether you need PRAYER, a KIND WORD, HELP with something or a BIBLE VERSE all you have to do is email one of the ladies below. They will be ministering to the EE's so that we can in turn minister to others, reach out and encourage those in need.

Franni, Maggie, Pat and Joy have been EE's for quite a while now. They love the Lord with all their hearts and are indeed Godly women. God does indeed comfort us so that we can comfort others. The Lord has walked with them through some difficult times yet they are faithful and still trust in Him.

The following verse is reflective of their lives:

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up,
just as in fact you are doing."
~1 Thessalonians 5:11~ 

Franni: - I feel led to be of encouragement to others and to pray for marriages that might need healing. It really touches my heart when people have been married so long and all of a sudden one of the mates wants a divorce. I can just feel the devastation the other mate must feel. But I really feel comfortable praying for any area. I'm so old that I've lived through almost every problem anyone has ever had! Notice I said "lived" through cause God has brought me through every trial!

And Franni's regular EE paragraph:
I have four children and nine grandchildren. I love being a part of Annie's EE's! I love to feel like I'm doing my little part for God and that’s my mission in life! To serve God with all my heart and soul. I want to help and encourage people to make it in these trying times.

Maggie: - For now here is Maggie's regular EE paragraph.
I have prayed and considered the cost of this ministry. God has allowed me to experience the ups and downs, mountains and valley's with fibromyalgia.. Why?  To prepare me to do His Perfect Will.. I have learned that whatever state I am in to be content, knowing that He is control of everything, even being foggy headed some days.. Laughing out loud is really good for that one!!! <grin>  My relationship with my Lord doesn't depend on my circumstances.. We are always going to have circumstances while we live on this earth.. God has gifted me in the area of compassion and caring for others. The gift of encouragement I don't take lightly.. God has shown me how to experience JOY and PEACE, and to be able to say its alright.. ( Those days when the body just says no).  I used to feel really guilty about not being able to do all the things that I used to do.  Now if I can accomplish at least one thing during the day, I give Him Praise.. You can't beat yourself up.. It’s okay.. If you would like to hear my whole testimony of what God has done to change my life (it is better now than ever before) I would love to share with you and others. That is what God has called me to do. Because of Jesus Love Maggie does live beyond fibromyalgia! email: ICQ: #9728036

Pat: - The areas in which I would especially like to help would be with dealing with chronic pain because of having Fibromyalgia and dealing with the loss of a child since I lost a child when she was 10 years old 19 years ago.  Another area in which I might be helpful is  with a woman who may be starting up a women's ministry in her church because I am in charge of two of the Women's Ministries at our church.

Joy: - I am here to pray  for you and with you. I am also here to give a word of love and encouragement to whoever needs me. Anything ever told to me is kept strictly confidential and not spread around to others to start gossip or to cause another person pain. So feel free to pour out your needs and I will pray with you and instruct as the Lord leads.  All I want to do is love and help others with the love of the Lord.

And Joy's regular EE paragraph:
I am 53 years old. Young.  I am a Christian.  I love praying for people on the internet and giving them encouraging words. I love the Lord with all my heart and soul. I have been through lots of trials and troubles in my life. I have had a husband who had an affair; God helped me to weather it out. God is good!  I have had to see my mother get so ill, I could no longer take care of her and she is now in a nursing home. So I have learned to say Lord she is now totally in your hands. I have had many illnesses.  I have had breast surgery; I also had hysterectomy with cancer cells.  God is a healer. I have been in depression's, I now have heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, but I work a full time job, my God is so good and he is a healer, all we have to do is ask, turn it over to Him, then let Him do his job. I could go on and on, about how much the Lord has done in my life, so I have a lot to share with others when they are going through these things. God Bless, Your Sis in Christ, Joy

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