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"This is my commandment, that you love one another,
as I have loved you."
~John 15:12~


Some Ideas from Annie Valentine's Day Games, Jokes & Puzzles Bible Verses to Find & Print
"Good For" Coupon Book

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God loves you so much that
He sent you His son Jesus.

Do you?

If you have not asked Jesus into your heart then stop
right now and think about it.

It is really easy to do! Click the blocks below to find out.

Read "The Wordless Book" online.
Here is a Great Devotional page for Kids:
Keys for Kids!


Here are some Bible Verses
to look up & print out:

Deuteronomy 6:5
Psalm 18:1
Psalm 116:1
Psalm 145:20
Proverbs 8:17
Romans 8:28

Click HERE to look up the Bible Verses Online.


Give your parents, grandparents & siblings
a special "Good For" coupon book:

Each coupon will be "Good For" a certain job or chore

cut the lawn
load the dishwasher
set the table
an hour of yard work
take the trash out
do their chores for them
feed and wash the pet
........and what ever else you
can think of


Some Ideas from Annie:

This year make some table decorations and place cards. As simple or
intricate as you like. FRESH flowers are always a favorite. Print out LOVE
Bible Verses and place on each seat or plate. Then have each person read
the Bible Verse out loud.

During your family dinner you might ask your Mom and Dad to tell you how
they met and their first date. Or how Daddy asked Mommy to marry him.
And if Grandma and Grandpa are there they can tell you about
their "love story" too.


Annie's Link Disclaimer:
I am sure you have seen many disclaimers before. Here is mine: God's Word
says to "Prove all things and hold fast that which is good" 1 Thes. 5:21
KJV. On the net as in life, we should be wise and have discernment when
traveling. Just because a site says it is Christian doesn't mean it lines up
with God's Word doctrinally. Finally, I believe the Lord directs our steps
and paths.....yes even our net surfing. So pray for wisdom, use discretion,
and have fun on your adventure with the Lord.

Valentine's Day Games, Jokes & Puzzles
Billy Bear's Valentine Drag & Drop Puzzle
Billy Bear's Valentine Slider Puzzle
Billy Bear's Valentine Easy Drag & Drop Puzzle
Billy Bear's Valentine Jigsaw Puzzle
Chocolate Word Search Puzzle
Candy Word Search Puzzle
Valentine's Day Word Search Puzzle
Family Game Night from BHG Online
Make sure you don't miss my son
Jake's Monthly Word Puzzles:
Jakes "February Word Puzzle Page


Valentine's Day Coloring Pages
Billy Bear Color Me 5 - "heart with arrow"
Billy Bear Color Me 10- "running heart"
A Few Good Bears has a page to color and then send by email. It isn't a
Valentine's one but you can still send it as a Valentine's gift.
Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

Valentine's Day Cards
Cute Teddy Bears with this saying:
I'd count the stars in the milky way...If you would be my valentine!
For all my Valentine's Cards visit:
Annie's Valentine's Day Welcome Page
Don't forget to also send a
Thanks For A Great Valentine's Day card.


Valentine's Crafts Pages
Billy Bear's Pretty Valentines Heart Necklace
Billy Bear's Valentine Keepsake made from a child's hand
Billy Bear's Valentine's Cupcake Cards
Valentine's Day Crafts
Ben & Jerry's Valentine's Day Fun & Crafts
"HUG-Me, KISS-Me" Candy Roses from Hershey's Chocolate
Kid's Domain Craft Exchange
Valentine's Day Crafts
Valentine's Day Arts & Crafts
The Valentine Page is from and they have lots of great
kids crafts to make. Try this one:
Tissue Paper Flowers
Easy Valentine's Day Kids Crafts


Valentine's Screen Savers & Wallpaper Pages
Lizard's Screensavers - has 3 different ones to choose from
ThemeCloud9 - LOTS of Screensavers, Themes & Desktop images to choose
from. They have some Great Christian sets there too.
You can find great Holiday Graphics pages listed on:
Annie's Holiday Graphics Page


Valentine's FREE Downloads Pages
Valentine's Holiday Lights for your Desktop


Valentine's CURSORS
Billy Bear's site has a really cute animated cursor for you to download and
use on your computer. It is called
Baby Sister Angel Bear
Valentine's Cursors from a Freebie site
To add a heart cursor to your page visit:
Live Cursors
For the Script visit:
Dynamic Drive page with Cursor Trail Script


Family & Children's Valentine's Day Pages:
Kid's Domain's Valentine's Day Page
Billy Bear's Valentine's Day Page
The Idea Box Valentine's Day Page
Bonus.Com's Valentine Fun Page - Games, Puzzles, Mazes and much,
much more!!!
Holiday Zone's Valentine's Day Page
Valentine's Day Page


Valentine's Day Kid's Sites of Faith:

Cher Bear's Den Valentine Page - Especially for children--but perfect for
"What is Love?" a kids Bible study & Valentine's Day from "All about Jesus"
Abigail's Awesome Family
Valentines Page & God Is Love Page


Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day?
To find out visit:
Annie's Valentine's History Page


Valentine's Day Recipes for you & your
Parents to make together:

Before you start to cook PLEASE make sure you visit:
Hershey's Safe Cooking in the Kitchen
Kid's Domain Recipes
PastryWiz has some Valentine's Recipes too.
Try this one:
Truffle Heart Cookie
Kellogg's Rice Krispies has a Kid's Party Planner page!
Choose "Valentines" in
the drop box.
Pillsbury has some great Valentine's Recipes.
Chocolate-Dipped Heart Cookies
HERE'S MY HEART FUDGE from Hershey's
Valentine Heart Necklaces from
A Kids Kitchen & Cooking Site:
Kids Kitchen
Valentine Muffins Recipe from The Graphic Cupboard


Candy Facts and Trivia:

Candy Trivia:

  • Why does chocolate melt in your mouth? The melting point of cocoa
    butter is just below the human body temperature -- which is why it
    literally melts in your mouth. Source:
    Candy USA Page
  • In 1998 in the USA each person ate 25.2 pounds of candy.
    Source: Candy USA Page
  • Visit the Kid's Candy Page and have lots of fun.
  • Visit Candy Myths & Truths Page & find out how much caffeine is
    really in chocolate.
  • Current News Item about Chocolate: Chocolate: A heart-healthy confection?
  • Did you know that?

  • Candy makers use about 4 billion pounds of milk a year and 375 million
    pounds of peanuts.
  • In the early 1500's, the Aztec Emperor Montezuma of Mexico drank
    as much as 50 glasses of chocolate every day.
  • Kids spend their own money on candy more often than anything else.
  • Source for above is: Brain Candy Page
  • More Fun Candy Things for you to enjoy:


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