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Please Note:
The majority of the links that you will find on these computer tips pages are not Christian pages. I have a disclaimer below:

I am sure you have seen many disclaimers before. Here is mine: God's Word says to "Prove all things and hold fast that which is good" 1 Thes. 5:21 KJV. On the net as in life, we should be wise and have discernment when traveling. Just because a site says it is Christian doesn't mean it lines up with God's Word doctrinally. Finally, I believe the Lord directs our steps and paths.....yes even our net surfing. So pray for wisdom, use discretion, and have fun on your adventure with the Lord.

Free Home Page Hosting

These are the places that your index.html pages and your graphics go. You will have to "upload" them with an "FTP" program.

If you are just starting to make a web page PLEASE remember
to take it one step at a time. Don't run before you can walk.

Tripod/Lycos This one seems to be the best to start with. You don't need to know code either. Plus, they give you 11 Megabytes to start!
Angelfire/Lycos This one is a little harder and you have to put in HTML codes. They are increasing the amount of disk space you have for your home page to 5MB (from 200K).
GeoCities - You will get lots of help from the "neighbors" and "leaders". You get a free email and Web TV Users can use them to make a web page. 11 megs of space for personal webpages.
Free Web Page Listing - This site lists more places for Free Web Pages and gives some info on each place.
Free Web Page Provided By - This site is more extensive then the one below. Lots of places listed.
Free homepage provided by
MatMice - a teen winner of a computer contest!!!
The Express Page - Express Page will be happy to keep your homepage free of charge on our server as long as you agree to the following rules and regulations. BUT they do sell Ad Space on your pages.
ZyWeb Lite • Up to 4 web pages • Choice of 10 page templates • Range of heading styles & buttons • 1 email address Completely FREE!
More to try: AcmeCity It is a URL redirection service, and gives you a new name beginning with "", "" or ""  So if you don't want to get your own domain name yet try this. It is FREE!

Are you a CHURCH or MINISTRY? Do you need FREE Web Hosting?

Get your own free Christian Home Page and E-mail address!
ILOVEJESUS.COM; Gentle Ministries
Christian Graphics -has Web Page Tutorial & The Ministry Builder learn how to Build a FREE Ministry Page
Gentle Ministries has a
Web Page Creator
WorthyNet - has free Church Home Ports
Church or Ministry Small Package #1 ~ FREE from Wendy's Web Design
Net Ministries - they offer free pages for Churches & Ministries -- they also have free resources
Home With God - offers 50MB Free Web Space  Site Of The Month & 50 megs of free web space
Make your own
free home page at - "Tell the world, you're a Canadian Christian!"
Visit this related page by Annie:
Annie's Bee an Internet Missionary Page

Online Page Generators
I used a Page Generator for my very first webpage. You have to start somewhere so don't try to RUN before you walk.
These sites below help with your first Homepage! You just type in your info. and you have made a page or your first index.html. Then you just need to save it to your computer (hard drive) and you are almost done. You will of course have to learn how to upload it to a place that keeps your Pages and Graphics.

WebSpawner Ltd.: Free webpages created in minutes.
I have not used any of the places listed for Web Page Hosting. My ISP had free space before my traffic grew and then I needed my own DOMAIN name.
Don't forget to check with your ISP. They usually provide free space for you and tech support.
HINT: Make sure you put your graphics in the same folder with your index.html or you will have broken images.



From: Microsoft Internet Explorer Tip of the Day
You may not know all the Internet acronyms you encounter on a daily basis.
Here's a short list of some of the more common ones:
: Hypertext Markup Language (the coding language used to create Web pages)
GIF: Graphic Interchange Format (a compressed graphic file format)
TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (the network protocol used by the Internet)
ISP: Internet Service Provider (a company that provides access to the Internet, usually providing you with a local phone number to use when you connect)
IRC: Internet Relay Chat (allows you to communicate with other users in real time)


Wonderful Help Pages

Denice's Email and Webpage Tutorial for NETSCAPE 4.0 users
Debbie's Help Page
HTML Goodies
Laurie McCann's Free Art Site - Learn about Photoshop, Corel and MORE!!
Create it - 101
Resources by Cottage Row
CNet Home Page
CNet - Page on Web Building
Annabella's HTML Help
Melissa's Myriad: Web Works
The Totally Free Homepage Resource Center
HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners
H.T.M.L. at Peggie's Place - Peggie uses a Mac Computer.
HTML Help and Hints
The "HOME PAGE" Home Page
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML Goodies
JusCL HTML Help Page
Netscape Color Codes
AOL Guide for Webmasters
ListBot - a good source for a mailing list
Virtual Webmaster Guide  (lots of stuff here)
Lissa Explains It All - HTML Help for Kids - Lissa is 12 years old and has a WONDERFUL site to help kids. Even if you are not a "kid" you can still learn a lot at her page. Sometimes the Kids pages help to simplify things for us and make it much easier to understand.
How to Make your own Web Page from About.Com - Kid's Exchange
The Web Diner Introduces Your Web Adventures
Web Tutorials for Kids
Khaver's Java Script & Html Help Pages

Check this practical link from
Learn How to
Clean Your Computer

Web Developer's Virtual Library & WGB Web Creations HTML Help
HTML 101 - A Free Online Course! & Beginners Central & Design Your Site With Tips & Tools & Dynamic HTML & How To Get a Webcam Online & Learn HTML & Design

MiniChapter 14- Using Frames
Webspinners' Introduction to Frames
The Netscape Frames Tutorial
Frames Tutorial from Cottage Row Graphics

Adding Clock, Date & Count Down to your Page:
Annie's "How to Add a Clock" Page


Java Applets, Scripts & CGI

I do not know how to them. So I am not going to be able to help or answer questions on this subject.
Freebie Applets that You Can Use
A list of sites where you can find other sites with FREE applets.
Intel Web Applets
JavaScript Corral
The JavaScript Source
Dynamic Drive
Matt's Script Archive - LOTS of great treasures here.
Welcome to
Text O Matic - FREE but you do have to sign up for it. You can add unique text that changes every visit to your page.
CGI Made Really Easy
Adding more than one JavaScript to a page
Easy Java Scripts for Kids
Netbugs Free Java Script
Lissa Explains It All - HTML Help for Kids
Khaver's Java Script & Html Help Pages

"Refer this Page" Links
Let 'em Know


Graphics & Fonts:
I have many wonderful graphics sites to share with you.
You can see all my graphic links pages on this page:
Annie's List of Great Graphics Spots
Check out this Page:
Annie's "Holiday Fun & Free Stuff" Page
To Optimize Graphics Online:
The NetMechanic
Here is a link to:
"Comic Sans MS" which is my favorite font.

Need your own banner?
Media Builder - Amazing Instant Online Animated Banner Maker.
It was fast,easy and painless.
Bible Verse Banners - free Banners with Bible Verses on them

You can get a Free online Banner Made online at


Free Counters and Trackers

I use these two counters:
WEB TRACKER - This is another free counter. Statistics can be accessed too.
This is very easy to use, you just cut and paste.... the code is only two lines.

Christian's Unite has a counter and they also have a
directory listing & ranking pages.

More Counters:
Link Exchange Fast Counter - Plain old fashioned counters and they mail you
stats each week. It's free!
Web Counter Home Page
eXTReMe Tracking - This is a GREAT new tool.
FX Web Tracker
Counter Link. & Counters Bulletin Boards & More & Counter Digits
MemphisJan's Custom Counters

Free Things
Free Christian Stuff - has lots of links to FREE things.
Amazing FREE stuff
What can I say about this. Check out this site I think you will be pleasantly
surprised and will be there all day.
Web Page Tools - has TONS of great free resource links
Here is another resource for you:
Christian Email Service and it's FREE & looks easy! - I have not personally
used it though.
Free Site Tools Online - this page refreshing every few minutes so just hit the "stop" button and it won't do that any more!!!


Guest Books

Dr Webster's Amazing Free Stuff: This page has numerous links to sites
with FREE guest books. I don't use a guestbook.
Free Guestbook from Gentle Ministries
HTML Gear - Guest Books and More!!!
Personally I don't use a Guest Book so I am not going to be of help with this.


Online Help Programs
You don't have to download a program.....
just go to these pages and they will do the work for you.

Web Site Garage - One Stop Shop for Servicing Your Web Site.
On-Line and it is FREE. You just have to register.
Imagiware's HTML Toolchest - This site has many wonderful features.
The one I really like is called:

your squished pages instead of replacing them until you see the results. Make
sure you always have a back-up copy of your pages. Just in case. Click the
squisher (above) and shrink your page to safe space and downloading time.

Web Site Chart Colors at Sutton Designs Site~~ Visit this site to learn about
changing colors and the codes.
Check out Bobby an easy to use program that finds
HTML compatibility problems that prevents pages from displaying correctly on
different web browsers. Also does Load Time analysis and checks file sizes
too. They do an analysis for disability access too.
Shrink graphics file size up to 90% at GIF Wizard Amazing
online utility that will help you reduce the file size of your GIF files so that
they load faster and take up less space in your home page directory.


Promotion Ideas
How Do I Submit my home page to different Sites????????
There are many ways to promote your site.

Web Rings: I have lots of Webrings on many different pages. I now have a page for Webrings: Annie's Webrings Page. I also have some places to join on my Annie's More Lovely Christian Ladies Page.
With Webrings you need to make sure your read the RULES and the STATEMENT of FAITH before you join. You may decide to join some webrings for evangelical reasons. Holiday webrings for example. Always try to add disclaimers on your pages if you can.

Link Exchange: If you like a page then email the owner and ask if you can exhange links with them.

Banner Exchange Programs: Some people have their own banner pages and are not really the same as a Banner Exchange Program. In that case you are just exchanging banners with each other. But the bigger sites that are the main Banner Exchange programs are really advertising brokers that people click thru. They get paid for each click through. Of course some will pay you to advertise their program on your pages. Not all of them will. Even the Christian Link Exchange Programs are run in a similar way. I think it is just a few cents a click. They will ask you to post other peoples banners on your site. You don't always have control of what type of banners are posted on your pages. So make this decision wisely.

Search Engines: There are many to choose from. Alta Vista, Excite and many MORE! You submit your page link and it may take up to 6 weeks to be added to the search engines page.
I have a page with Christian Search Engines you may want to list your site at:
Annie's Christian Search Page
"The Top Places to Submit Your Christian Site": This is a wonderful new resource I just found. Sure wish I had, had this when I started out. Hope it helps.

Email Others Directly: I like to encourage others, especially try to encourage others for the work they are doing for the Lord. This is a wonderful time that we live in. The Lord is using the Internet in a MIGHTY way and I'm blessed to be a part of it. If I like something specifically on someone's site, then I tell them. You can simply email them and ask if they would like to exchange links. Make sure you have added your web page address to the signature in the email. Don't know how? Just check out the instructions..................listed on Annie's Computer Hints Page

I also add to the very bottom of an email this:
Ref to your page: Then add their web address here.
Just copy and paste their URL on the bottom of the email. Not everyone includes their Page Address or URL in the email. When you are answering alot of email it really helps to remember what their site looks like.


Message Boards
Do you want a FREE Message Board? Well try out InsideTheWeb's. It is a simple Q & A process and then it is done. You don't even have to host the page on your server.

Domain Hosting:
Once you get your own domain it will need to be Hosting.
Christian Web Host - This is where my pages are now hosted. Run by a super Christian Couple. Check them out.
Hispeed - This is where my pages used to be hosted. They have UNLIMITED (to a point) Bandwidth and storage space.
StormWeb is a Christian company that will host your Domain name. They are known for their wonderful customer service.

Want to add those really cute trailing(moving) cursors to your pages?
Lissa's Cursors & Viki Mouse has some great cursors too!
Comet Cursors: Some of you have voiced a concern for the privacy of the Comet Cursors. I personally really like their cursors. They have changed their privacy policy so I think it should be ok now. But here is the link to read about this on their site: CometCursors on a page about Privacy Statement
For Instructions on how to add the trailing cursors visit:
Annie's "How to Add Trailing Cursors" Page

FTP - Uploading Pages:
How to Upload Your Web Site
Adding and Uploading Images

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"So you want to make a Christmas Home Page too"
Annie's Bee an Internet Missionary - What a wonderful opportunity to share our faith with others! Learn how to do just that at this page.
Annie's "Holiday Fun & Free Stuff" Page

Annies Tips Pages:
Annie's "Tips for Front Page Express" Page - This page lists all my Tips Pages

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