Annie's "How to Add a Clock" Page

This is a page that gives tips for HTML using the programs
that Annie uses. They are available free with
Internet Explorer 4.0 & 5.0

How to Add "The Clock" to your Web Pages:

How do I add the Clock to my page?

1: Copy this:

<!-- This is a great Clock and Calendar, You MUST change the color= attribute

in the script so you can view it on your pages-->

2: Choose "Insert"
3: Then choose "HTML Markup"
4: Paste the above info

5: Copy this:

// hide script from old browsers

// Modified by CoffeeCup Software

function process(){}

today = new Date()

if(today.getMinutes() <10) {

pad = "0"}


pad = "";

document.write("<center><FONT SIZE=2 strong color=#367C61>I'm Glad You Came to Visit!!</FONT></center>")

if((today.getHours() <12) && (today.getHours() >= 6))

{ document.write("<center><FONT SIZE=2 strong color=#367C61>Good Morning</FONT></center>")}

if((today.getHours() >= 12) && (today.getHours() <18))

{ document.write("<center><FONT SIZE=2 strong color=#367C61>Good Afternoon</FONT></center>")}

if((today.getHours() >= 18) && (today.getHours() <= 23))

{ document.write("<center><FONT SIZE=2 strong color=#367C61>Good Evening</FONT></center>")}

if((today.getHours() >= 0) && (today.getHours() <4))

{ document.write("<center><FONT SIZE=2 strong color=#367C61>You're up late today.</FONT></center>")}

if((today.getHours() >= 4) && (today.getHours() <= 6))

{ document.write("<center><FONT SIZE=2 strong color=#367C61>Wow! You are up early!!</FONT></center>")}

document.write("<center><FONT SIZE=2 strong color=#367C61 face=Comic Sans MS>Time: ",today.getHours(),":",pad,today.getMinutes())

document.write(" Date: ",today.getMonth()+1,"/",today.getDate(),"/",today.getYear(),"<br></font></center>");

// end hiding contents

6: Choose "Insert" then "Script" and then paste the above
7: Before you close this box. Go near the top and choose "Java" and click OK
How to personalize the above if you choose to:
9: Decide on your own wording and replace mine:
I'm Glad You Came to Visit!!
10: I love Comic Sans and not everyone does. You can change the font if you like face=Comic Sans Just put in what you want each time it occurs above
11: Color of Font:
color=#367C61 You can choose to type the simple words of the basic colors if you prefer not to use number codes. Like blue or pink
12: Size of Font:
FONT SIZE=2 strong Strong means BOLD

13: Make sure you make a "test" page and then try it before you add it to your page/site.

14: That should be all you need to add the clock time to your site.

To see how it looks on my site CLICK HERE


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