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"And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all
the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but
encouraged himself in the LORD his God."
~1 Samuel 30:6

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up."
~ I Thessalonians 5:11~

Do you need someone to talk to?
Do you need just a friendly word of encouragement?
Then you have come to the right place!!!!!!!

Don't be afraid to reach out to others. God has often used Email
Encouragers whom I have never met to BLESS me in many ways and comfort
me too. Sometimes I think "Who but the Lord?" could have known that I
needed to read a scripture or word of encouragement or prayer for
me right at that moment.

Do you have prayer requests?
Note: If you have a prayer request please send it to Lisa at Please put EE's
in the subject line. Then it will be sent out to the EE's in a Daily Prayer Mailing. The EE's
are a large group of Christian men and women who be happy to pray for you.


I adopted this Bearing Scripture Bear friend from Julia's Home Tweet Home!
What is an EE?
An EE is an Email Encourager. An EE is a Christian who feels led and called of the Lord to have
an Internet Ministry and use the "Gift of Encouragement" that the Lord has given them to
minister to others by prayer, a Scripture Verse or a kind word.

Who can submit a Prayer Request?
Any one who has a prayer request may submit it to the EE's. The EE's would be glad to pray
for your prayer request. We have a Prayer Mailing that goes out to a large group of Christians
once a day. We have some EE's that don't have families and can pray on the weekends
for you. All requests will then go to Vikki & Peter. Just Lisa
with "prayer request" or "EE's" in the subject line.


How many EE's are there?
We now have almost 70 men and women email encouragers!

Prayer and the Email Encourager
". . . The earnest (heart-felt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes
tremendous power available - dynamic in its working." James 5:16


About financial prayer requests: If you are submitting prayer requests about "financial
difficulties" we have decided that we will just share them as an "Unspoken Prayer Request".
We do not want people to feel that they need to send money and gifts to others on the
Internet or in the EE's. I will not support "fund raising" for personal gain for or by any
of the EE's or in any prayer requests. Of course there are GOOD Non Profit 501C3 Ministries
that I believe are reputable and in that case donations are up to you. I do believe that the
Lord does supply all our needs. He does answer our prayers. Sometimes the answer is NO,
sometimes YES and sometimes it is WAIT. We have to pray and ASK the Lord about everyone
of our needs. He hears the prayers and will answer them in ways that we can not even imagine.
Sometimes asking others to help you is really like taking the control away from the Lord and
trying to "work out" your problems without Him.
Of course I am not saying that you should not
take help that is offered.  You should also contact your local Church and other Ministries to
help you.  The Salvation Army is just one example of where help can be given to those in need.

Remember to submit "Your OWN" Prayer Requests.

PLEASE make the request simple, short and straight forward. It will be copied and pasted in
our mailing so make sure it is ready to go and appropriate to be used. This goes to about 70 Christian's and this will make it much easier for everyone. Most of the EE's print
out the mailing and then pray for the requests.

PLEASE ~~ DO NOT Just forward another group's prayer mailing. Unfortunately the EE's
as a group can't just take every "forward" and include it in our daily prayer mailings.
Of course anyone is welcome to come and fill out the form for themselves. We will be glad
to pray for you. If you happen to send a prayer request for someone else PLEASE
verify that the information is accurate. Often on the Internet we can't always
believe every request that comes in bulk mailings.

Send your prayer request by email to Lisa

Please let us know the following:
Are you a Christian?
Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Prayer Request:
Don't forget to share with us your "Answer to Prayer" or "Praise Report".


The Importance of Prayer by Debbie
(Debbie used to be our Prayer Mailing Coordinator)
Prayer is for our fellowship with God and part of our personal relationship with Him. We know
as believers that prayer is not a "religious duty" with no power behind it. Effective prayer
must be based on the Word of God. We know and are assured that God's Word
does not return to Him void - useless:

"so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but
will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it."
~Isaiah 55:11~

God instructs us to call on Him and He tells us that He will answer us. How exciting to know
that the Creator of the Universe hears us and responds!

"Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable
things you do not know." ~Jeremiah 33:3~

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Gossip and sharing prayer requests:
Please remember that as a Christian it is important to be discerning. When someone shares a
prayer request with you they may NOT want you to share it with others. If you want to share
it then PLEASE do not give their name. Say "a friend" is dealing with something. This is
considered an unspoken prayer request. This way it still keeps their anonymity and trust but
more people can be praying for them. My friend Leah has a good page that explains the
difference between "gossip" and just "sharing a prayer concern" about a friend.
Here is an example of one of the questions on her "gossip" page:
"Can I share something I know about someone as a prayer request?
You may share something as a prayer request only if you have permission from the person
the request is about. If she does not wish for you to share it with anyone, do not do it.
If you do, you are gossiping." Visit Leah's page called
"Gossip and the Church"

Other Places to visit for Prayer:

An Introduction to Prayer - by Mary Jane. She has done a great job explaining how to pray.
It is the first in a series on prayer and is written for the person that doesn't know how to pray.
Hinderances in Prayer: This is a page that Janet Carter has written to instruct and teach you
the importance of Prayer
Reasons for Unanswered Prayer - This is another page by Janet Carter that gives scriptural
reasons for unanswered prayer.
How To Pray - By R.A. Torrey. A classic book online in text form.
Harvest Prayer Ministries - Harvest Online
Prayer Page by MamaMack - she shares ideas that have worked for her and also the 5 Fingers
of prayer.

Kids & Family Prayer Links:
Praise Scriptures to Pray
Learning to Pray Together as a Family
Teaching Children to Pray
Prayer for our new President


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