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"News in a Nutshell" Breaking News for:
Monday December 11th, 2006

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Breaking U.S. News for Monday December 11th, 2006:
12/11/06 - 2:25PM - Annan criticizes U.S. in farewell speech
Bush begins discussions on Iraq
Antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan convicted of trespassing
'Inkjet' printer helps organize stem cell growth
Air Force, Notre Dame enter Top 25 poll
Another E.coli outbreak rattles California farmers

Breaking Iraq & Terrorism News for Monday December 11th, 2006:
12/11/06 - 2:25PM - Iraqi official defends security efforts
Iran Holocaust conference draws ire
3 Palestinian kids dead in Gaza drive-by
China- N Korea nuke talks to resume Dec. 18
Pakistanis arrest 90 Afghans at border
Bush seeks advice on new course in Iraq
Arab envoys move to end Lebanon crisis
Military- 64 killed in Sri Lanka clash
Weddings take place amid Iraq bloodshed
Karzai- NATO bombs, terrorists kill kids
Iran students heckle Ahmadinejad

BREAKING WORLD NEWS to be aware of and praying about:

Breaking News for the World & Middle East for Monday December 11th, 2006:
12/11/06 - 2:25PM -
Hundreds pay respects to Pinochet
German police confirm polonium traces
Ousted Fiji PM banished from capital
Former rebel leader wins at Aceh polls
Nobel laureate- Poverty fight essential
Leader to leave Haiti for cancer tests
Some 30 civilians killed in Darfur
British scientists find scan can predict schizophrenia
Mideast may save Dead Sea with Red Sea

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Mark of the Beast??? & End Times Related News:
7/17/06 - Insurers to test implantable microchip
Congress faces debate on stem cell bill
4/25/04 -
ID card (iris scan or finger print) trials in UK to start next week
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Volocanos & Hurricane News & Earthquake Updates will be posted here:
12/11/06 - Somali children bear brunt of flood, drought misery
8/10/06 -
Tropical Storm Debby better organized
8/1/05 -
Earthquake shakes central Turkey
Tourists evacuated from Kamchatka volcano
7/31/05 -
Mexican volcano spews grey ash
3.3 earthquake rumbles under Mount St. Helens
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Plagues News:
12/11/06 - Experts puzzle over halt of bird flu
Iowa illnesses tied to E. coli outbreak
Another E.coli outbreak rattles California farmers
Ebola virus kills 5,000 gorillas, says study
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Locust News:
10/22/03 - Locust outbreak threatens Africa
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Human Cloning & Life/Death Related News Links:
12/11/06 - Australia lifts therapeutic cloning ban
4/14/05 -
Champion endurance horse cloned
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