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"Prove all things and hold fast that which is good."
~1 Thes. 5:21 KJV~

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General Rule: NEVER OPEN
any attachment that comes in your email
without checking with the person that sent it first!

Generally speaking when you get "Fwds" about a virus you just ignore
them. Right? Well unfortunately we live in a world where TRUST is not
the virtue it use to be. Even
prayer requests have to be verified on the
internet. Below you will find some information to help you from
unnecessary worry or from being mislead.

Latest Computer Virus/Worm:
PayPal is asking you to update your personal financial information-Fiction! This is not only a's a virus.

I have found that the best source to confirm
whether a "forwarded" email is a hoax or not is to visit:
Truth or Fiction - A Christian Site!!
They even have older prayer requests that you can check
before you send them out!

With all the viruses and worms and "trick" ones going around I
thought I would share an "online" FREE virus scan for your computer.
It takes a long time but you can click "auto clean" and IF you have
viruses it will fix them in addition to just scanning your computer.
FREE Online Virus Scan

W32.Klez.gen@mm seems to be the latest Virus going around!
I got 2 emails saying that I actually had sent people the worm BUT then
I did the "fix" from Symantec and it took forever and I don't have it.
You can get
the removal fix HERE!

IF you get an email offering money with the subject
GOD'S WORK from Nigeria DON'T BE FOOLED!!!
Visit this Page:
and check their RUMOR page!

How Stuff Works offers a page about:
How Computer Viruses Work & How Computer Memory Works
How Web Servers and the Internet Work & How Hard Disks Work

Visit their site to read about it: Urban Legends Reference Page

You can check: Infected Attachments
Here is the page about it at and it is called
SirCam there.

You can download this to remove it:
Quote from "Due to the risks of improper removal, antivirus
Symantec has created a free utility that makes the necessary
modifications and removes any instances of the virus. It can be
downloaded from: After
the file has been downloaded, locate the file FIXSIRC.COM, double-click
it, and choose Start to begin the removal process."

Well this says that the virus listed at McAfee & Microsoft is a hoax.
You decide:
Virus Hoax- 'A Virtual Card for You'

Check for hoaxes & urban legends before you send them out!


Sources to confirm rumors & hoaxes - has a page to check to see
if the rumors are true:
Urban Legends and Folklore; Virus and Hoax
Verification, Urban Legends Resource Centre, Urban Legends Reference Pages
Truth or Fiction

Comet Cursors - Is it really spy tracking? You decide.
Check here:
Corrections and Retractions & Privacy Story Moves Like a Comet
Media didn't give Comet Systems a chance to explain
Comet Cursor is not "spyware"

Christian Rumors on the Internet & Email:
Prayer Requests & Religious-Spiritual Rumors & Hoaxes from Truth or Fiction
The Petition Against God… - Is a woman by the name of Madalyn Murray
O'Hair attempting to have all Christian content removed from radio and
television broadcasts?
The Day The Earth Stood Still - Has NASA inadvertantly substantiated
elements of the Bible? &
Digging for the Devil? - Did scientists working in
Siberia really drill a hole into hell?
Well this is not really a rumor it just appears to be a misunderstanding.
Procter & Gamble Satanism...Again - This is going around again. It apprears
to be a rumor and is not the truth.
Trademark of the Beast?
Another Email Claim is that: "Vice-President Al Gore announced during a
speech that his favorite Bible verse is John 16:3" -
But this is FALSE !!!
Janet Reno:"A cultist is one who has a strong belief in the Bible and the
Second Coming of Christ . . ." This is another FALSE rumor.

Other Rumors: Death's droppings - the one about the mouse & rat droppings

The Mammogramming Clique - Tells about: Clicks on a distant web page result
in free mammograms for underprivileged women. says: Status:
True. Though it's not entirely as described in the circulating e-mail of the
moment, your clicks will help needy women obtain free

"Win32/Melting.worm" or "in the wild" - Just don't open an email attachment
about Screensavers and you should be ok.
"KAK Virus" - Just got sent this virus:
WScript/Kak.worm virus
"this worm is activated by simply opening an email and not by clicking on the
You can check to find out if you have it go to:
if you have it you will see kak.html
DO NOT SHUTDOWN, RESTART OR REBOOT your computer!!!!!!!!!!

Viruses boom on the Net
"Melissa Virus" is real! - Microsoft has made available a
patch for download.

In addition to Virus's there are HOAXES that go round and round by email
and waste our time. Always check whether something is a HOAX before you
send out a warning by email to everyone in your address book.

The Klingerman Virus - "Phones are ringing off the hook at the Centers for
Disease Control because of a bogus email alert warning of a fatal "physical"
virus being passed around by snail mail."
The Honda (Free Car) Hoax
The Wobbler-California Virus Hoax
5 Surcharge on E-mail - there is no bill to charge 5 cents an email in
connection to the US Postal service. Here is the US Postal Service
The "Guts to say 'Jesus'" Hoax is going around again.
American Cancer Society 3 Hoax is an old one but still making the rounds.
American Cancer Society does NOT give 3 cents for every person you
email the forward to.
The Mammogramming Clique - "Clicks on a distant web page result in free
mammograms for underprivileged women. Status:
True. Though it's not
entirely as described in the circulating e-mail of the moment, your clicks
will help needy women obtain free

Other sources of Accurate Dependable Information:
McAfee's site & Microsoft Security Page. Trend Micro also has a web page
that will do a
virus scan online & its free. has a page to check
to see if the rumors & hoaxes are true:
Urban Legends and Folklore &
this one on Viruses
Antivirus Emergency Center. Check out these new
resources: & CNET News is
a good source too. Check out
F-Secure Computer Virus News

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