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~Spring Begins on March 20th, 2011~

"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat,
summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."
~Genesis 8:22~

"Before the calendar, people looked to the sky for signs that a new season was
approaching. Such knowledge was vital to determine planting and harvesting times. In the
Northern Hemisphere, for example, the bright star Regulus climbing above the eastern
horizon signals that spring is at hand.
The seasons have a profound effect on plant and animal life. In spring, plants and trees
sprout new leaves,
flowers appear, birds migrate to warmer regions, and many animals
emerge from hibernation." ~From Compton's Encyclopedia~

"Spring is the season between winter and summer. The Northern Hemisphere, which
consists of the northern half of the earth, has spring weather during late March, April,
May, and early June. In the Southern Hemisphere, spring weather begins about September
and ends by early December.

Spring weather begins throughout much of North America with the melting of winter
In the polar regions, spring weather begins later and does not last as long as it does in
the middle parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Tropical regions do not have great seasonal

The number of daylight hours increases during spring, and most spring days have higher
temperatures than
winter days. Nature awakens in spring, when flowers bloom and
hibernating animals leave their winter sleeping places. In many countries, the people have
festivals celebrating spring." ~Above Information from The World Book Encyclopedia~

Spring Equinox
"On the Spring Equinox the Sun rises exactly in the east travels through the sky for 12
hours and sets exactly in the west. On the Equinox this is the motion of the Sun through
the sky for everyone on earth. Every place on earth experiences a 12 hours day twice a
year on the Spring and Fall Equinox." ~Quoted from
Spring Equinox Site~

The World book says this about the Equinox:
Equinox, pronounced EE kwuh nahks, is either of the two days of the year when the sun is
directly above the earth's equator. At these times, the days and nights are of nearly
equal length everywhere on the earth. The term equinox comes from a Latin word meaning
equal night.

The equinoxes occur on March 19, 20, or 21 and on September 22 or 23. In the Northern
Hemisphere, the March equinox marks the start of spring and is often called the vernal
equinox. The position of the vernal equinox is called the first point of Aries. The word
vernal means of spring. The September equinox marks the beginning of autumn and is
called the autumnal equinox. The seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere.

The time interval from the March equinox to the September equinox is longer than that
between the September equinox and the next March equinox. This time difference results
from the earth's elliptical (oval-shaped) orbit around the sun. The earth moves faster in
its orbit when it is closer to the sun. The distance between the earth and the sun is
shortest in
January. Therefore, the earth completes the semicircle from the September
equinox to the March equinox faster than it does the opposite semicircle.

The Seasons and Spring
"The seasons have a profound effect on plant and animal life. In spring, plants and trees
sprout new leaves, flowers appear, birds migrate to warmer regions, and many animals
emerge from hibernation.

The seasons are still known by the names that dimly reveal primitive peoples' feelings
about them. Winter is an old Germanic word meaning "time of water"--of rain and snow.
refers to the springing forth of living things. The original meanings of summer and
autumn are lost. People in the United States, however, generally call autumn by its
alternative name, fall, from "fall of the leaf."
~Above Information from The World Book Encyclopedia~

Thoughts from Annie about Spring:
Spring is a time of new beginnings. Of Hope and of fresh starts. JOY and HAPPINESS.
Peace and contentment. Are you in a SPRING of your life or the VALLEY? Do you have
HOPE and PEACE in your life? Spring is a good time to really look at your life and decide
what you believe and why. Spring is also a good time to give your life over to the Lord and
let HIM direct and guide your steps. So use this opportunity to do SPRING CLEANING
not just in your home but in your heart and spirit too. If you are not a Christian and want
to know how to become one just click
HERE to find out how to become one.

What does the Bible say about Spring?

There are 26 Bible verses with the word SPRING in them.
Of course there is more then just one definition of the word SPRING.
It is a season, it is an action, and it is a source of water.

Isaiah 43:17 "Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall
spring forth; shall ye not know
it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert."

Easton's Bible Dictionary says this about SPRING. (Heb. 'ain, "the bright open source,
the eye of the landscape"). To be carefully distinguished from "well" (q.v.). "Springs"
mentioned in
Joshua 10:40 (Heb. 'ashdoth) should rather be "declivities" or "slopes"
(RSV), i.e., the undulating ground lying between the lowlands (the shephelah)
and the central range of hills.

Nave's Topical Bible says this about SPRING.

Nave's Topical Bible - has this to say about the SEASONS

"And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from
the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:"
~Genesis 1:14~

How to Press Wildflowers?
"To press the flowers, spread them out carefully between several thicknesses of
newspapers or blotters and place a board on top. Weight the pile with books or rocks.
Change the papers every day for three or four days. Leave the flowers in the press for
about ten days. If they dry quickly and thoroughly they will keep their color. Mount them
with cellophane tape on heavy white ledger paper. The standard herbarium size is 11
by 16
1/2 inches (29 by 42 centimeters). In the lower right-hand corner print the common
and scientific names of each kind of flower, the place where it was found, and the date."
~From Compton's Encyclopedia~

The Secret of a Wildflower Garden
"The secret to making one's own wild-flower garden is to use the landscape in a natural
way. The standard flower garden has an organized, manicured look. A garden of wild
flowers should appear completely informal, closely approximating a natural setting such as
woodland, hillside, or prairie. The greater the land area available, the more natural the
garden will look. But even small areas can be planted with wild flowers native to one's
region. It is possible to buy assortments of wild flower seeds that will keep a garden in
bloom for a whole growing season.

Wild flowers are especially suitable in rock gardens and in shady spots where grass and
most annuals will not thrive. Of first importance is to determine the chemical
characteristics of the soil. It would be useless to attempt to raise pink lady's-slippers in
neutral soil, for they require very acid soil. There are books that give the acid needs of
wild flowers and explain how to make the soil meet them."
~From Compton's Encyclopedia~

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