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On 10/11/01 President Bush during his first evening press conference since the war
began asked all the Children of the United States send in a $1 one dollar bill to
help the children of Afghanistan. He is also encouraging children to use this as an opportunity to raise money in other ways and send it to the fund. Church groups, school classes, church groups, boy scouts and girl scouts can also use this as a way to work together to raise money in addition to there own dollar. You can also send in a letter to the Afghan Children with your dollar.

Here is the full text of President Bush's news conference from 10/11/01
where he first mentioned sending a dollar to the Afghanistan children:
Text of Bush's statement at press conference

Here are 2 of the White House Official pages about the new project:
10/11/01 -
President Establishes "America's Fund for Afghan Children"

For Information about Afghanistan
and the bordering countries visit:
Annie's "Countries Relating to the War on Terrorism" Page

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10/27/01 - Home Schoolers Give Their Dollars to the Afghan Children

Here is what the White House Web Site has:
The President asked American children to help Afghan children
by making contributions of one dollar individually or collectively to:

America's Fund for Afghan Children
C/O The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20509-1600

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