Annie's "The Jelly Bean Prayer -- Revisited" Text Page
~Rewritten by Lorelei Francis~

Why she rewrote The Jelly Bean Prayer:
Below is a revision of  "The Jelly Bean Prayer" I plan to share with the
young children at my church today.  For many years things black were
associated with bad and things white were associated with good.  This
unfortunately lead to hateful feelings towards people of color and feelings
of inferiority and superiority.  I chose not to pass it on to the rainbow
congregation where I serve a Risen Savior.

Prayerfully yours, Lorelei Francis
Youth Director, Shiloh Baptist Church of Orlando

The NEW Jelly Bean Prayer

Red is for the blood He gave,
Green is for the grass He made,
Yellow is for the sun so bright,
Orange is for the edge of night.

Black, white, brown, yellow and red is for the children He made
All of these colors receive the grace He gave,
Purple is for the hour of sorrow,
Pink is for the new tomorrow.

Give a bag full of jelly beans,
Colorful and sweet,
Tell them it's a Prayer....
It's a promise..
It's an Easter Treat!

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