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Here is a listing of all the news pages whether and just a few will be updated:

Currently Updated News Related Pages:
You can check news our own
Annie's News Sources Page.
Annie's Christian News Page - Current Christian Issues & Past Christian News
For more Christian News sources visit:
Annie's Church & Missions News Sources
Annie's News Ticker Page
Eclipse & Signs in the Sky News:
Annie's Signs in the Sky News Page
Christian News:
Annie's Christian News Page
Computer News & Current Hoaxes, Viruses and Rumors
Annie's Computer News & Info Page
News Sources & Links:
Annie's News Page
Why not visit:
Annie's Begin the Day with Me Page

Not Currently Updated News Related Pages:
Annie's Be Prepared Y2K News Page
Annie's Health News Page & Annie's Old Health News Page
Annie's Old Christian News Page
Annie's Middle East News Page
Annie's End Times News Page
Annie's More End Times News Page
Annie's Past Sci-Tech & Strange News Page

Changes to the News:
Well the fall is almost here and that is the busy time of year for me. So I have had to make a few changes with the way that I am going to do the news. News will just be done on weekdays. Hope that this is not a big hardship for others. Of course if someone is interested in maintaining these other pages then please let me know. I would love to have the help. This page is designed for 640x480 with a 17 inch screen. So if the type is too small then change your screen setting.

News Detailed Changes:
It will be a much shorter version. I will be adding news during the day on items that I feel you need to know on this page in the "Breaking News" section. I will not be maintaining the past news pages. I will update the Signs in the Sky News page when events warrant. I will be adding to the Computer News & Hoaxes as the subject warrants. End Times and More End Times News will just be listed on the News in a Nutshell page below. I will still add links to current issues to Annie's Christian News Page and try to keep a few days of past Christian News but not the others.

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Annie's "News in a Nutshell" Page

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