; Annie's "Israeli Election" Page

Annie's "Israel Election" Page

The National Israeli Election for the Prime Minister will be held on January 28th, 2003

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they
shall prosper that love thee."
~Psalms 122:6~

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1/12/03 -
Israel's Sharon Fighting for Survival
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Sharon dismisses Arafat's call for halt to attacks on civilians before elections
11/5/02 -
Israel sets early elections for Jan. 28...

There are 2 Candadates:
BBC Profiles: Ariel Sharon
CNN pages about the candidates:
Ariel Sharon
Their Official Sites:

Political Parties:
Sharon Represents the Likud (Hebrew) Party
Amram Mitzna Represents the
Labor Party

Israel Election Special News Section:
Elections 2003- Israel Decides from The Jerusalem Post
Israeli election from the BBC
In-Depth- Israel Election 2001 from CNN
SABRAnet - from Israel
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Other Related Sites:
State of Israel Government Gateway
Israeli Prime Minister's Office
The Knesset (parliament)
Israel Defense Forces
Picture of

Israeli Newspapers:
Jerusalem Post
Haaretz Daily

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