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This is a page that gives tips for the programs that Annie uses. They are available free with Internet Explorer 4.0 & 5.0

How do I add bookmarks?

First: What are bookmarks? Check this page of mine and see what they are:
Annie's Simple Guide to Web Page Design Page. I have put the subjects near the
top of the page. The subject/topics appears to be "links" to other pages BUT
they are NOT they are bookmarks. If you click on one of the topicss it takes
you further down the page to that related section. Bookmarks can be
added to
tables too.

Second: Why would you use bookmarks? You use them to make a long page easier
to use and so that people won't miss anything on the page. And remember it is
always important to make your site EASY to travel and use.

Let's get started!!!!!!
Go to the section that you want people to go to when they click on the word. We
will use "extra" to illustrate this premise. In front of the work "extra" you
would "click" or "put your cursor". Then go to the top and choose "EDIT".


In the top box type in the appropriate word. In our case it would be EXTRA.
After you type it then click on "OK".
You should see a little gray box with a blue flag in it and it is underlined
with broken dashes.
NOW go to the top of your page where you want the people to click
so that they can be taken to that section.

You are going to "highlight" the word EXTRA in our case
Now choose "INSERT" and choose "HYPERLINK"
a box will pop up and click on "CLEAR"
then choose the top tab that says "OPEN PAGES"
then go to the middle box that says "bookmark"
and choose the word you put in. For us it would be "EXTRA"
then click on OK
Now the word EXTRA will appear to be a regular link.
But it will actually have the word you used with a # symbol in front of it.
You can see how it should work by going to the top of this page
and click on "BOOKMARKS" and see how it works.
That is it.

You can have as many "bookmarks" as you would like on the page. And once you
have gotten the hang of it you can put them in a table the same way if you like.

Question: How do I use those double or triple borders?
Answer: I don't know but here is a link to another site that might help you
How to use Double Borders - Copy and Paste HTML!


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