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12/12/01 - One of our visitors has sent me the answers to the puzzle. It really did and
does WORK!!! So if you had as much trouble as we did with this puzzle then check the
Jake's Shepherds Visit Puzzle Answers Page

How are you at following directions? Take your time and see if you can change the
word SHEPHERDS into an important message. To play, first Print this page out.
Read Luke 2:16 to check your work.

TIP: Consider doing the answers in CAPS it will make it a little easier for you!

1. Write the word SHEPHERDS. _______________________________________
2. Add the word CATTLE at the front. __________________________________
3. Take out the 4th and 7th consonants. _________________________________
4. Move the 4th and 10th letters to the end of the letters. ____________________
5. Move the 3rd, 6th, and 7th letters to the front. _________________________
6. Add the word HAM after the 5th letter._______________________________
7. Switch the 6th and 8th letters. ______________________________________
8. Add a Y after the 3rd letter. _______________________________________
9. Add IT after the 8th letter. ________________________________________
10. Switch the 8th and 10th letter. _____________________________________
11. Place the 12th letter after the 7th letter. ______________________________
12. Put a W in place of the R. _________________________________________
13. Take out the 13th and 16th letters. __________________________________
14. Switch the 9th and the 14th letters. _________________________________
15. Switch the 11th and 14th letters. ____________________________________
16. Put spaces between the four words in the message. ______________________

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