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12/11/01 - One of our visitors has sent me the answers to the puzzle.
So if you had as much trouble as we did with this puzzle then check the answers below!
Thank you Lois!!!!

Read Luke 2:16 to check your work.

TIP: Consider doing the answers in CAPS it will make it a little easier for you!

1) Shepherds
2) Cattle Shepherds
3) Catte Sheherds
4) cateshehrdste
5) thecaeshrdste
6) thecahameshrdste
7) thecamaheshrdste
8) theycamaheshrdste
9) theycamaitheshrdste
10) theycamtiaheshrdste
11) theycametiahshrdste
12) theycametiahshwdste
13) theycametiahhwste
14) theycamewiahhtste
15) theycamewithhaste
16) They came with haste.

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