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~2010 Winter XXI Olympics will be in Vancouver, Canada~
Opening Ceremony was on February 12th, 2010
Olympics was officially from February 12th - 28th, 2010!

Olympic Related News:
Full Coverage on Olympics from Yahoo News
International Olympic Committee
Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

The Olympics Began Friday
February 12th, 2010
Inside the Opening Ceremony from NBC's Olympic Site

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Did you know that you CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE?

Yes, you can make a difference in this year's Winter Olympics. You can be a part
of changing someone's life forever. Ok. You are probably saying "What can I do?
I can't go there. What are you talking about?"

Well I am talking about PRAYER. Every Christian can be praying.
What else can you do as a Christian? Check my suggestions below.

Here are a few practical things that any Christian can do
during the Olympics right from their home:

1: As you watch the games pray for each participant. Pray for their salvation.
If they are believers then pray for their walk with the Lord.
2: Pray for the safety of the athletes.
3: Pray for those that are in Vancouver, Canada for Outreach and Evangelism.
4: Pray for the Lord to give the workers divine appointments. Pray that the Lord
would open and prepare the hearts of those that need to hear the Word of God
and the message of salvation.
5: Consider have a small gathering with other believers. You can watch the events
together and pray in agreement for the athletes and workers.
6: Have a few visitors over that are not Christians. Share with them what the
real "victory" is.
7: Consider renting or borrowing from the library the movie "Chariots of Fire" a true
story about a Christian and his choices relating to the Olympics of his time.
8: Use your own thoughts and ideas. You are only limited by your own imagination.

I will post the RESULTS for the
TOP 6 Medal Holding Countries Daily!

UNITED STATES ------------ 37 Total Medals --- 9 Gold -- 15 Silver -- 13 Bronze
GERMANY ------------------- 30 Total Medals -- 10 Gold -- 13 Silver --- 7 Bronze
CANADA -------------------- 26 Total Medals -- 14 Gold --- 7 Silver --- 5 Bronze
NORWAY ------------------- 23 Total Medals --- 9 Gold --- 8 Silver --- 6 Bronze
AUSTRIA ------------------- 16 Total Medals --- 4 Gold --- 6 Silver --- 6 Bronze
RUSSIA -------------------- 15 Total Medals --- 3 Gold --- 5 Silver --- 7 Bronze
~Olympic Medals Page on NBC Olympics Site - Last Updated 2/28/2010 5:00PM ET~

Fun Stuff:

Click for Vancouver, Canada Forecast

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Origin and History of the Olympic Games
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Graphic Garden has some really great new Olympic Linkware Graphics.
Stop by her site and see how you too can use them on your site!!

Olympic Daily News:
2/24/10 -
After mother's sudden death, Olympic skater wows crowd

News Sites:
Full Coverage on Olympics from Yahoo News
Make sure you also visit:
Annie's News Sources Page
Here is the
Olympics link for the Ananova News
Yahoo News:
2010 Vancouver Coverage & Winter Olympics & Olympics & Figure Skating

Christian Olympic Links:

New Christian Olympics News Items:
2/22/10 - An Olympian speaks about faith after injury
OLYMPICS- Sharing coffee & Good News
OLYMPICS- Hospital visit leads to salvation experience for American bobsledder
OLYMPICS- Clark wins bronze in halfpipe
Missionaries Spread Good News at the Olympics
2/14/10 -
Baptist to be Olympics chaplain & BP writers to cover Winter Olympics
2/12/10 -
OLYMPICS- American speedskater says 'even the wild guy can find the light'
2/12/10 -
YWAM Vancouver & YWAM Vancouver Prayer & Check out their Twitter Page
Olympics News from

Christian Sports Ministry Links:
CrossSearch.Com Sports Links
BPSports will have a section for the Olympics News
Speed Skaters Race with a Bigger Perspective
Olympics- Faith Stirs Women's Bobsled Duo to "Work Stuff Out"
Lessons From The Downhill

Christian Sports News Links:
Baptist Press is now covering Sports at BP Sports - Olympics evangelists win hearts

Regular Olympic Links:
International Olympic Committee
NBC Sports Section

Olympic Pages for Kids:

Interesting Olympic Facts & History of the Modern Olympics
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Weather for Vancouver, BC, Canada

Click for Vancouver, British Columbia Forecast

To add weather to your own site click here

TV Olympics Links & Listings:

Olympic TV Pages:
NBC is the network that is covering non stop Olympics Events TV Listings Page or TV Guide Online
TV Guides Olympic Vancouver Page - good page to check regularly
Kristi Yamaguchi Predicts Great Olympics for U.S.

What TV Channels will be showing Olympic Coverage?
Cable Network Channels that will be showing Olympic Sports in Vancouver are:
NBC, CNBC, BBC, USA, MSNBC, Universal Sports & UHD
And will offer unprecedented access to events, with 400 hours of online coverage.
Eleven things to watch for during Vancouver's Opening Ceremony

News Articles about the TV Coverage of the Olympics:
Vancouver winter Olympics television coverage on the BBC ...
Network gears up to cover an Olympic marathon - Vancouver ...
TV Gears Up for 2010 Winter Olympics

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