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"They will celebrate your abundant goodness
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~Psalm 145:7~

"This is the day which the LORD hath made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it."
~Psalms 118:24~

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January - May

January Holidays:
January Flowers
1st -
New Year's Day
1st -
Kwanzaa Ends - December 26th thru
January 1st
1st - 3rd -
Japanese New Year
5th -
Twelfth Night
5th - National
Bird Day
6th -
7th - Orthodox
10th -
Coming of Age Day (Japan) - the 2nd
Sunday in January is
Coming of Age Day
17th -
Benjamin Franklin's Birthday
18th -
Martin Luther King Jr Day - always the
third Monday in January
20th - American
Inauguration Day -is
always on the 20th day of January
every 4 years. Celebrated last on 1/28/09
26th -
Australia Day Page
30th -
Tu B'Shvat* - New Year for Trees

February Holidays:
1st - Be An Encourager Day
2nd -
Groundhog Day
2nd -
7th -
Super Bowl Sunday! Usually the last
Sunday in January or the first Sunday in
7th - 14th -
National Marriage Week - news
item link (official site
8th -
Boy Scout Day - card link
12th - Lincoln's Birthday
12th -
Olympic Games 2010 Begins
14th -
Valentine's Day
14th -
Chinese New Year
15th -
President's Day - 3rd Monday
in February
16th - Shrove Tuesday
16th -
Mardi Gras - Tuesday before
Ash Wednesday
17th -
Lent Begins on Ash Wednesday
17th -
Ash Wednesday - 7th Wednesday
preceding Easter
22nd - Washington's Birthday
22nd -
World Thinking Day
24th - Flag Day (Mexico)
25th -
Taanit/Fast of Esther - another site
28th -
Floral Design Day
28th -
February is
Black History Month
International Friendship Month

March Holidays:
5th -
World Day of Prayer:
Observed the first Friday of March
8th -
International Women's Day
7th - 13th -
Girl Scout Week
(the week that includes March 12)
Here is the official
Girl Scout Site!
12th -
Girl Scout Day - official site
13th - Commonwealth Day in
Australia, Canada, New Zealand
and United Kingdom
14th -
Daylight Saving Time - is the 2nd Sunday
in March
16th -
Rosh Chodesh Nisan - another site
17th -
St. Patrick's Day
14th -
Mothering Sunday in the UK
is the 4th Sunday of Lent
19th - St. Joseph's Day (Spain)
20th - First Day of
27th -
Lazarus Saturday - is the day before
Palm Sunday and is part of
the Easter celebration of Eastern Orthodox
Church and observes the time when Jesus
raised Lazarus from the dead
depicting Jesus' power over life and death.
Christians have celebrated the day before Palm
Sunday as "The Saturday Of Lazarus".
28th -
Palm Sunday
30th - Full Moon
30th - Canberra Day in Australia
March 30th - April 6th - Pesach/
March is
Women's History Month

April Holidays:
1st -
April Fools Day
1st -
Maundy Thursday -(link is to another site) - the Thursday before Easter
2nd -
Good Friday
2nd - Orthodox Good Friday
3rd -
Find A Rainbow Day
4th -
Easter visit here for an explanation of The Date of Easter
4th - Orthodox
Easter visit here for
a page with dates for
Orthodox Easter
5th -
Easter Monday in Canada
12th -
Yom Hashoah* - Holocaust
Remembrance Day
18th - 24th -
Administrative Professionals Week
- April 18th - 24th or the 3rd week in April
19th - 25th is
Turn off the TV Week! (this is
their official site link)
19th -
Yom HaZikaron* - Israel's Memorial Day
- link to another site
20th -
Yom HaAtzma'ut* - Israel Independence
Day - another site link
21st -
Administrative Professional Day -
Wednesday of the last full week in April
Also Professional Secretaries's Day
21st -
Professional Secretaries Day -
Wednesday of the last full week in April
Also Administrative Prof's Day
22nd -
Earth Day - 22nd day of April
22nd -
Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day - Fourth Thursday in April
25th -
Internet Evangelism Day (Official Site) -
last Sunday in April each year
30th -
Arbor Day - Last Friday in April
30th -
Queen's Day in The

May Holidays:
1st -
May Day
2nd -
Lag B'Omer - another site
4th -
National Teacher Day - first
Tuesday in the first full week of May
5th -
Cinco de Mayo
6th -
National Nurses Day
6th -
National Day of Prayer - 1st
Thursday in May
8th -
VE Day - card link
9th -
Mother's Day - 2nd Sunday in May
12th -
Yom Yerushalayim* - Jerusalem
Day - another site
13th -
Ascension Day
15th -
Armed Forces Day - the third Saturday
of the month of May
16th -
Stepmother's Day is the Sunday after Mother's Day
19th -
23rd is
24th -
Victoria Day - First Monday
preceding May 25th
30th -
Mother's Day in Sweden is
the last Sunday in May
31st -
Memorial Day (observed) -Last
Monday in May
Space Weather Week is 1st week of

"This is the day which the LORD
hath made; we will rejoice
and be glad in it."
~Psalms 118:24~

June - December

June Holidays:
1st -
Hurricane Season Begins
1st - First Day of Winter in
Australia and New Zealand
4th - Queen's Birthday (Canada)
5th -
National Gingerbread Day
6th -
D-Day - card link
10th -
Iced Tea Day
Visit my:
Tea Time Page
11th -
Corpus Christi (Spain)
14th -
Flag Day
17th -
Fast of Tammuz 17
19th -
Juneteenth - card link
20th -
Father's Day - 3rd Sunday in June
21st - First Day of
24th - St. Jean the Baptiste (Quebec)

July Holidays:
1st - Canada Day (Observed)
4th -
Independence Day
10th - *Tisha B'Av or
Av 9
14th - Bastille Day
25th - Parents Day - 4th Sunday in July

August Holidays:
1st -
Friendship Day - First Sunday
in August
6th - Hiroshima Day - WWII
A-Bomb used 1945
11th -
Chinese Valentine's Day - card link
15th - Assumption Day
19th - National Aviation Day

September Holidays:
5th -
Father's Day in Australia & New Zealand is the first Sunday in September!
6th - U.S. and Canadian
Labor Day - 1st
Monday in September
8th -
9th -
Rosh Hashanah*
11th - Patriot Day
Remembering the Pain of September 11th!
12th - National
Grandparent's Day - 1st Sunday after Labor Day
16th -
National Step Family Day
16th - Women's
Friendship Day
17th - Citizenship Day
18th -
Yom Kippur*
23rd - First Day of
23rd - 29th -
30th -
Shemini Atzeret - link is to another site
National Hispanic Heritage Month
is September 15th thru October 15th

October Holidays:
1st -
Simchat Torah
10th - National Children's Day - 2nd
Sunday in October
10th -
Clergy Appreciation Day - is
the second Sunday in October

11th -
Columbus Day Observed - 2nd
Monday in October
11th -
Canadian Thanksgiving - 2nd
Monday in October
16th - National Boss Day
16th - Sweetest Day - 3rd Saturday in October
24th - United Nations Day
24th -
Mother-in-Law Day - 4th
Sunday in October
31st -
October is Pastor Appreciation Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

November Holidays:
1st - All Saint's Day
2nd - All Soul's Day
2nd - Dia de los Muertos (Mexico)
2nd -
Election Day - 1st
Tuesday after 1st Monday in November
7th -
Daylight Saving Time Ends -
the 1st Sunday of November
11th -
Remembrance Day (Canada)
11th - Armistice Day
11th -
Veteran's Day
25th -
Thanksgiving in US 4th Thursday
in November
28th -
Advent Begins
November is:
National Adoption Month &
Diabetes Awareness Month

December Holidays:
2nd - 9th -
Hanukkah* Begins
7th - Pearl Harbor Day
21st - First Day of
24th -
Christmas Eve
25th -
26th -
Boxing Day (Canada)
26th -
Kwanzaa Begins - Dec 26th
thru January 1st
31st -
New Year's Eve

* The observance of all Jewish
begins at Sundown on
the preceding evening and ends
at sundown on the days listed.

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