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1/3/02 - I have decided to not send out mailings anymore. I will be adding the updates to my Annie's What's New Page instead.

OK let's get you started on getting your own Mailing List running!

What are you going to use a Mailing List for?

You can send "updates" about your web pages. Or maybe start a weekly update on you and what the Lord is doing for you and your family. Maybe a "Daily Bible Verse" or a "Daily Devotional". Please try and stay away from sending the Forwards that come to you. They often have made the rounds and those generally bother and annoy people. You may have the best intentions but you need to ask the Lord what He wants you to do with you Internet Email Ministry. We have a wonderful opportunity to share our faith with many. We can encourage others with the Word Of God. Think about something unique special and different that people would like to read and share with others.

Having a "Mailing List" is not just writing an email and adding everyone's email address to in the "send to" section and then asking if they want to be removed.

You have to let people ASK to be added to your mailing list. Then you can choose how often and what you will put in it.

NEVER ASSUME that anyone wants to be on your mailing list.

And if people do ask to be removed just send a simple email back advising them: "You have been removed. As per your request."

When someone does ask to be removed don't worry about it. You have probably not offended them. Just let it go. The Lord does the "weeding out" and "shaking up" with your mailing list. The Lord will bring the right people to your page for your OWN mailing list.

If you have a Web Site then add a section telling what your mailing list is about and how often you plan to do mailings.

This is what I had on my main page about my mailing list:

"Your Name Mailing List" - Link to the mailing list page would go here!

I have added a mailing list. There is no advertising, just updates on new pages
and thoughts from me. So if you would like to be added to it please
to the Annie's Web Friends Mailing List Page
Don't forget to put "Mailing List"
in the subject line. You can also see the last mailing sent on this page too.

Note: If you use AOL please make sure you do not have a block for non-users or my email will not get through to you.

Of course you can put anything you like on your pages!! Be creative!!

We have such a wonderful opportunity to share our faith, the scriptures and salvation with so many by way of the Internet.  The Lord is really using computers and the Internet in a MIGHTY way.  It is just so exciting.

You might want to add a little paragraph on your page for your mailing list. That way you can add new people who come to visit your pages. By sending out information on your "Updated" and "New" pages it will remind people to come back and visit. It is just so much easier to remember to check someone's pages for changes when you receive a reminder with the link right there for you to click. You will find people do want to be advised as to when you add new pages. 

I also always try to add a little paragraph in the mailing that lets people know that if they would like to be removed from the list they can just send an email with "remove" in the subject line. You can tell them that there "will be no questions asked" and then email them after you remove them.

You might want to use "your mailing list"  to encourage others on a weekly or monthly basis.  You could even do what Gina did and send a different Scripture verse each day.  Just make sure that all the people on your list want to be there.  The mailings can also be part of your Internet Ministry.

The Lord is really using many Christians to encourage and pray for many people with this new technology. You can reach more people now from your living room then you could knocking on doors in your neighborhood.

I really feel so blessed that I am meeting so many wonderful Christians here on earth through the computer with the assurance that we will all meet in Heaven. We will have all of Eternity for us to get to know each other even better.

You can use your "Mail Program" to help you be better organized.

I use MicroSoft's Outlook Express program for my email. I receive so many requests that I had to add a computer generated email to thank them for their interest in my mailing list.

Here is how you can do this yourself:

To Add a folder for a "Mailing List" with OutLook Express

Here is how to do a mailing list.

Add a little blurb on your home page to have people sign up.

   To have all the email that comes in with "mailing list" go to a special folder do this:

when you are in the mail program look at the top of the page:

go to "message" then "create rule from message"

choose "add"  near bottom left

in "subject line"  type  "mailing list"

then further down the page check "move to"  then "folder" 

then make sure you have "highlighted" the spot "Outlook Express" 

then choose "new folder" and type in "mailing list"

then click ok then highlight that new folder then click OK

then "ok" then ok then ok

NOW mail yourself an email with "mailing list" as the subject

and see where it goes.

Next step for the Mailing list:

OK To do this you : GO to "address book" then choose "new group" then type in "Annie's (s/b your name here)Web Friends" or whatever you like.

then click select members then click on the ones you want to have and move them to the right by clicking select then click OK

then click OK

NOW when you want to do a mailing Do the email address to: "Yourself" And in the BCC (blind carbon copy) put "Annie's (s/b your name here) Web Friends" and it will mail it to all of them. Try it and see if you can do it.

It is important to do a BCC because that way the addresses are all hidden and anonymous. Otherwise you would see all of the other peoples address and people like not having it show.

When someone emails you and asks to be added to your mailing list you send them a reply email and say you will send a copy of your last mailing. Then add them to your "mailing list" and then send a copy of the last one.

The mailing is just thoughts from me and updates and descriptions of the pages that have been added.

To add an Automatic response to email with "mailing list" in the subject line:

Choose "Compose Message"
Add the subject line: Mailing List
Write an appropriate email. Here is mine:

Dear Email Friend
Thank you so much for your interest in my "Mailing List". I will be adding you to the ever growing mailing list as soon as possible.  If you have not seen the last two mailings you can see them at this page:
  Annie's Mailing List Page I generally send out a mailing when I add new pages. It is so exciting to see how the Lord is using the Internet in a Mighty way.  I am humbled and blessed to be a small part of it. This is my standard email response to all the people who want to be added to my Mailing List.  So if you have anything else you would like to share with me or discuss then please me another email without the subject "Mailing List". Then I will be glad to answer the email BUT I am always running behind so don't give up on me..........I'll get to it as fast as I can.   Well I hope you have a BLESSING and JOY filled day tomorrow.   "Love in Christ"
     Annie   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Choose "Save As" then name it but you MUST have the extension or ending as ".eml". Mine is called "Mailing List.eml"

I saved mine to my "desktop"
Then go to "Message" then your "Create Rule from Message"
In #1 choose "when subject line contains specific word"
#2 choose "reply with message"
#3 click on "specific word" and do as above or just choose "mailing list"
#3 click on "message" and then choose your already saved ".eml" reply letter.
Just check it out by sending yourself an email.

ONE MORE THING: When you send out a mailing ALWAYS address it you YOURSELF and then put the "Group" in the BCC. BCC means Blind Carbon Copy. The reason you do this is for protection of your groups email addresses and it is an "Expected Internet Courtesy".

Sure hope all of this information has helped you.
~~ Annie ~~
Annie's "Web Friends Mailing List" Page

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- I have not personally used it though.

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